Hidden Devotion

Hidden Devotion-highresA new day has dawned for the Trinity Masters as the fifth book in the series, Hidden Devotion, releases today. There is a new Grand Master. When she makes a shocking discovery, everything she ever believed about the secret society is thrown into question. Everything changes with this book!

Trinity Masters, book 5

Juliette Adams has spent her life running…from her father, from her arranged marriage, from her Trinity Masters legacy. Until the day everything changed and she became Grand Master–a position she was never meant to hold.

Devon Asher has more than a few secrets, the least of which is his desperate love for Juliette, which shouldn’t be a problem since they were betrothed as children. Now that she’s Grand Master, his secrets aren’t safe.

Franco Garcia Santiago always assumed the tales of the Trinity Masters were fantastical yarns spun by his grandfather, until Juliette appears at his door. Together they delve into the organization’s secrets, unaware of the impending danger.

Juliette must decide if she’ll turn her back on her destiny or embrace the role of Grand Master, and if she’ll use her power to discontinue the trinity marriages she grew up despising, or follow her heart, which tells her happiness lies with both Devon and Franco.


Juliette and Sebastian were legacies of the Trinity Masters, America’s oldest and most powerful secret society. The society had been established as the country was born. Members were given unparalleled access to the resources and support of other members. Joining was a guarantee of success, and members excelled in every type of industry, from politics to art and science. The founders had seen the potential to strengthen the foundation of the new republic by taking the best and brightest Americans and having them support each other.

But there was more to it than a vague idea of support. Members had to agree to an arranged marriage—the price of security and success was their choice in who they’d marry.

And marriages between members of the Trinity Masters weren’t arranged between two people, but three.

Sebastian had finally found his voice. “Are we talking about the same Harrison?”

“Apparently he’d been in love with this woman forever, and was willing to risk it all to be with her.”

“Is he…I mean, have his councilors…” Sebastian had lowered his voice, and the skin around his eyes was tight with concern.

Breaking any of the laws of the Trinity Masters was very risky. Harsh punishments were meted out to any who disobeyed. One of those laws was that once the Grand Master had assigned someone to a trinity—usually in their late twenties or early thirties—they had thirty days to marry, even if they’d never met their partners before. Since the Grand Master was the one person who could choose his own trinity, there was an age limit by which he had to marry. Other rules included no divorce unless necessary for secrecy’s sake or other political reasons, and no discussing the Trinity Masters with outsiders.

Disobedience was almost unheard of. Juliette had grown up trading whispered stories about what had happened to people who broke the rules—framed for hideous crimes and locked up for life, scandals created that ruined careers, bank accounts drained, and spouses and children forbidden from ever speaking to the offenders again. They were the Trinity Masters’ version of the boogieman tales.

To break a rule was nearly unheard of. For the Grand Master to do so was…inconceivable.

“The woman joined. He’s married now. To one of his councilors, Michael, and Alexis—she’s a doctor.”

“She joined?”


“But?” Sebastian gestured for her to continue. He knew that couldn’t be the end of the story.

“But his other councilors forced him to step down as Grand Master.”

“Holy fuck.” He went on in several languages, not true cursing but using amusing, if vulgar expressions of astonishment.

Juliette snorted out a laugh. “Bastian, such language.”

Sebastian glared at her. He hated the nickname. “My apologies, Ms. Adams.”

Juliette bared her teeth. She hated her last name because it reminded her of her father, of who she’d grown up as—the daughter of the Grand Master.

The brief moment of amusement disappeared. Everything she’d told Sebastian was background information. The really shocking bit she had yet to say out loud.

“Does everyone know?” Sebastian asked.

Juliette shook her head. “They’re trying to keep it quiet.”

“That’s safer; if anyone thought there was a power—” Sebastian’s teeth snapped together as he stopped speaking abruptly. His gaze met Juliette’s.

“Jules,” he whispered, using an old childhood nickname, “who is the new Grand Master?”

Juliette Adams took a deep breath. “I am.”



See how it all began…

Elemental-Pleasure1800x2700This week marks the release of the fifth book in the Trinity Masters series, Hidden Devotion. If you haven’t had an opportunity to try this series, the first book, Elemental Pleasure, is now available for the reduced price of just .99 cents.

There’s power and passion in three.

When Carly Kenan joined the secretive Trinity Masters in college, she knew that one day she’d have to pay the piper. That day has come. Returning to Boston, Carly meets former Marine Lance Glassco, a mathematician for DARPA, and Preston Kim, a celebrated chemist. Though on the surface they have nothing in common, it’s clear the Grand Master thinks that together the three of them can do something amazing. And that’s why he’s declared that Carly, Lance and Preston must unite. In a ménage.

Tempers flare as they struggle to understand each other, but their physical attraction is explosive, and the sex leaves all of them begging for more. Pushed beyond her limits, Carly runs from Lance and Preston. What she doesn’t understand is that she now belongs to them, body and soul…and they belong to her, too. When Lance uncovers a dangerous crime in Preston’s firm, Carly is caught in the crossfire and the struggling lovers are forced to move beyond desire…to trust.

The Trinity Masters have the power to make careers and change lives, but there’s a price. All members know that the day will come when the Grand Master will select them, and pair them with two others. For the Trinity Masters the strongest bond isn’t a pair, but a threesome.


Leaving at Noon

Leaving at Noon, Book 4 in the Sunday Night Dinner Club series, is now available!

And I am stoked. :)

Zoey and Theo’s marriage is on the verge of collapse. Is their love strong enough to save it?



Sunday Night Dinner Club, Book 4

Theo and Zoey Hughes have got it all. The ideal marriage, a gorgeous house, brilliant jobs and a steadfast group of friends. So why is everything falling apart at the seams?

Zoey loves her husband, but recently she’s stopped liking him—and if their fights are any indication, Theo’s feeling the same way. The future that once glowed bright before them has lost its shine.

There’s no choice. Zoey has to walk away. She needs to take a break from her marriage before it implodes, leaving nothing but fragments of their once-perfect life together.

Letting Zoey close the door behind her is the hardest thing Theo’s ever had to do. Now he’s faced with a choice: watch his wife leave him and everything they’ve built together, or go after her and remind her why they fell in love in the first place.

Warning: When a hot-blooded alpha male decides he wants his wife back, you better believe nothing is going to stop him. And if he has to seduce her to succeed, well, let’s just say his blood isn’t the only thing that’s gonna be hot about this story.

(This book is the fourth in the Sunday Night Dinner Club series. Although each book stands alone, they can be better enjoyed read in order. )

The price will increase shortly after release.

Available now from:


Happy reading



Triple Beat

Triple Beat-highresThe Big Easy series continues with today’s release of Triple Beat. The Lewis family has been looking for their beloved foster sister, Dani, ever since she ran away at the age of seventeen on the eve of her court-ordered return home. Dani has been hiding from her painful past for years. Though it killed her to leave the Lewises–especially Mama Lewis and Jett, who had become her best friend, she didn’t dare return to New Orleans and risk running into her abusive father. Dani’s story was a difficult one to tell because of the serious abuse she suffered.


Dani was 17 years old when she ran from New Orleans like a thief in the night. With no idea where she was going or how she’d survive, she was certain of just one thing—she’d never again step foot in the Big Easy. Now, time and circumstances have made her a liar. After twelve long years, her beloved foster family, the Lewises, have tracked her down. And so has the very person who drove her away—her father.

Together with her best friends, Aiden and Bryson, Dani is standing at the precipice of success. Their band, Closing Time, has just signed with a major label and their star is on the rise. But Dani can’t enjoy any kind of future while constantly looking over her shoulder, waiting for the past to catch up. It’s time to return to New Orleans…time to confront the face that’s always haunted her nightmares.

Aiden and Bryson have long suspected Dani is hiding something, some dark secret she refuses to confide. When she leaves Nashville without a word, they follow. How can they not? What they feel for her…what they want from her…won’t allow them to let Dani face her demons alone. Whether she’s ready to believe it or not, over the years, the men have come to know a few things for certain: they’re stronger as a trio. And three hearts beat better as one.

This book contains a painful scene of abuse from 15-year-old Dani’s past. Not for the faint of heart.



He sighed. “Ignore it, Dani. Natural male response when he’s in bed with a half-naked woman.”

She heard Aiden snort.

“Sort of hard to ignore when it’s poking me in the ass,” she added.

Aiden laughed louder. “Damn. There’s a visual.”

She rolled her eyes. “Gross.” Even as she said the word, she considered what it would feel like to have sex with Bryson. Or Aiden. It wasn’t the first time that racy thought had crossed her mind. She’d always dismissed it because the band—and their friendship—meant too much to her to risk for sex. No matter how amazing she suspected that sex would be.

She wasn’t sure why she was so certain the guys were great in bed. Maybe it was simply a female reaction to the way they made her feel when they sang a love song, or watching their fingers fly with incredible skill over their instruments. She’d spent a little too much time lately considering those fingers strumming her instrument.

“I really need to find a guy and get laid,” she muttered.

Aiden twisted to his side to face her. The moon provided enough light to allow her to see his expression clearly. “Been telling you that for nearly two years. It’s not healthy to go so long without.”

“Not sure health has anything to do with it.”

She was surprised when Aiden reached out and pushed a strand of hair away from her face. “Feeling better?” He was obviously still worried about her nightmare.

She nodded. “I’m sorry I’ve been such a pain in the ass this past week. I promise…just a few days more and I’ll be back to normal.”

Aiden gave her a friendly smile. “Don’t set your goals so high, Dani. You were never normal.”

She grinned. “Asshole.”

“I chalk that up to too many years spent with Bryson. That shit tends to rub off.”

“You wish you were as cool as me,” Bryson said in his own defense.

Dani glanced over her shoulder. Bryson looked very comfortable, his head resting on the pillow, the longish mass of jet-black hair hiding his dark-brown eyes, his arm wrapped tightly around her waist and his very erect penis pressed firmly to her backside. He was incredibly beautiful, but she was certain he’d scoff if she used that word to describe him.

Then she looked back at Aiden. He wore his light-brown hair shorter and hid his pretty blue eyes behind wire-framed glasses whenever he was working at the computer or reading a new piece of music. Bryson teased him, claiming he just wore them to look smarter, but Aiden never took offense. He just joked back that not even glasses could give Bryson an air of intelligence.

“I’m glad you guys are here.” She’d been so wrapped up in her anxieties lately that she’d pushed away the very people she needed the most.

“All you had to do was ask.” Aiden placed a soft kiss to her forehead. Then another one.

They weren’t overly affectionate friends. Most of their touching typically came in the form of high-fives or roughhousing. Kisses and cuddles weren’t part of it.

Dani reached out and cupped Aiden’s beloved face. “Thank you.”

She wasn’t sure who moved first. Maybe they both moved together. But one second she and Aiden were simply smiling at each other, and then they were much closer, their lips touching in a quick, only somewhat chaste kiss.

They parted for a moment before they came in for another. This one lingered a second longer than the first.

Bryson’s arm tightened around her waist, but he didn’t speak, didn’t call them out or ask them what the hell they were doing.

Aiden pulled farther away after the second kiss, his brows furrowed, confusion in his eyes. She suspected that expression was mirrored in her face.

And then it cleared. He relaxed, and so did she.

When they moved in for the third kiss, it was as if they were prepared, ready for it.

He stroked her lower lip with his tongue and she opened her mouth on a gasp. Aiden took advantage. This kiss lasted much longer, the two of them taking their time to explore each other’s mouths. Aiden’s fingers tangled in her hair and he used that grip to gently twist her head this way or that to help him deepen the kiss.

Bryson was silent through it all, but Dani knew he wasn’t oblivious to what was happening. He also didn’t seem content to merely observe. His hand slipped beneath the hem of her t-shirt, stroking the bare skin of her stomach, and then moving up to her breast.

Dani’s breathing became erratic as she tried to keep up with the sensations drowning her. Bryson grasped her breast firmly, his large hand plumping the flesh, his fingers pinching her nipple.

Aiden either didn’t notice or he didn’t care about Bryson’s touches. He tightened his grip on her hair and kissed her harder.

Dani was helpless to resist any of it. She pushed her ass against Bryson’s cock, seeking more stimulation. The movement was a blatant invitation. One that Bryson didn’t hesitate to accept.

His hand left her breast, traveling to her hip. He gripped it, tugging her back as he pushed forward, letting her feel exactly how much he wanted her.

It was too much. Dani broke off the kiss, desperately attempting to suck in some much-needed air. Aiden didn’t attempt to resume it, but he didn’t let her slow him down either. He ran his fingers along her neck, his gaze following the touch. Then he grasped the comforter covering them and pulled it down, not stopping until the bulk of it rested around her knees.

Regardless of the number of times they’d seen her dressed exactly like this, this was the first time she’d felt exposed, almost naked in front of them. Aiden’s gaze traveled over her, studying things he’d never appeared to notice before. Or was it things he’d tried not to see? Had they had lustful thoughts about her as well?

Aiden reached out and ran his fingers over her covered breast, the same one Bryson had just released.

Neither Dani nor Bryson had stopped moving, the humping motion imitating exactly what Dani wanted to do.

With both of them.


Chapter One

In two weeks and two days (but who’s counting), Leaving at Noon releases.

This is the 4th book in the Sunday Night Dinner Club series, and the hardest book I’ve ever had to write. As a romance writer, my job is to build relationships as characters fall in love.

Leaving at Noon starts with the breakdown of a marriage, and writing the opening scenes tore me apart. It went against everything I’ve learned about reading and writing romance.

Don’t panic. Please. As I said, I’m a romance writer, so I fully believe in happy endings, and yes, there’s a very happy ending to Leaving at Noon. :)

Today I thought I’d introduce you to the book by sharing the first couple of pages of Chapter 1.





Chapter One


“My marriage is in trouble.” Zoey Hughes didn’t look up as she uttered the words, their formation scratching her throat and burning her lips. She couldn’t bear to see the sympathy in the blue eyes staring at her in the bathroom mirror.

She gripped the edge of the granite-adorned basin and kept her gaze fixed on the white porcelain, struggling to hold back the emotion that clawed at her chest.

“So it would seem,” her friend replied softly.

“He hates me.”

“He adores you. You’re his whole world.”

Zoey snorted humorlessly. That might have been the case once, but it definitely wasn’t now. “You know you shouldn’t be in the women’s toilets?”

Thank God the ladies’ room at Chelsea’s, a popular Sydney restaurant where she, her husband and their friends met for dinner every three weeks, had been empty when she’d barged inside.

“I’m tight with the owner,” Levi Barret assured her. “I think she’ll give me a free pass on this one.” To prove his point, he shifted, and Zoey heard a click.

Bless him. Levi had just locked the rest of the world out of her pain.

“What’s going on with the two of you, Bozo?” he asked.

Zoey stared at the basin, wondering what she’d say. The ladies’ room might have seemed like a good place to escape in the heat of the moment, but it was hardly an appropriate setting for a heart-to-heart. But then, was any setting appropriate to admit that the most important relationship in her life was falling apart?

“You’ve been miserable for months,” Levi said gently.

She wasn’t the only one. Lifting her head, she met his gaze reflected in the mirror. “So has Theo.”

He nodded. “Yep.”

Her chest clenched. “He’s spoken to you about it?” Lucky Levi. Her husband hardly spoke to her anymore.

“Not a word,” Levi vowed.

“Then how do you know?”

Levi raised an eyebrow in answer.

Her shoulders slumped. “It’s that obvious?”

“The two of you look unhappy. You speak to everyone but each other. Hell, you’ve started ordering separate drinks. That says more than words ever could.”

Shit. Zoey had tried so hard to pretend everything was fine, but their friends had picked up on their hostility.

“We haven’t shared a bottle of wine in two months,” she said bleakly. “Theo orders beer, I order a cocktail, and it’s like our tradition never existed.” Sharing wine was her and Theo’s thing. It had been since their first date, way back in uni days. A symbol of the intimacy that had formed from the beginning. “He doesn’t seem to care.”

“That’s what this is all about? Wine?”

Zoey shook her head. “That’s just the tip of the iceberg.” She pressed her lips together, worried that if she said any more, the lump in her throat would overwhelm her, and she’d start to sob.

There was a dam of tears inside her, struggling to escape.

“We’re collapsing, Lev. Theo’s p-pulling away from me. Our marriage is crumbling.” Her hands shook violently. “And it’s ripping my heart in two.”


Leaving at Noon releases on the 22nd of May. You can pre-order it now from:

SmashwordsBarnes & NobleiBooksKobo

(It’ll be up at Amazon for pre-order soon too.)

If you’d like another peek at the book, come back tomorrow. I’ll post another excerpt.


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