All I want for Christmas…

Well there’s a few things I want for Christmas, some better not said on social media! ;) But there’s one in particular I shared on another blog. So if you’ve landed on the International Heat blog today, I’m going to ask you to come on a little field trip to another blog! But not only will you hear what I’m dreaming of in my stocking, but you’ll have a chance to win PRIZES! YAY!

Travel on over to the Guilty Pleasure’s Blog.


All torn up: the toilet paper attacks


The other week I peaked out of my bubble bath and found my mischievous cat doing this. Nearly every morning since, I have discovered the toilet paper roll in various states of shredded glory. Here is the example of this morning’s creation.


So I’m afraid, my dear almost 2 year old cat, I’m going to have to issue you this statement:

Dear Mittens, while this almost looks like a lovely origami flower, your toilet paper shredding habit is failing to be cute anymore. Please cease and desist all further toilet paper activity.

Unfortunately, he finds it hard to leave a life of crime and has refocused his activities into breaking into the cat food.


Pardon the new girl

Hello all! I’m Shelli and this is my very first blog post on the International Heat blog! It’s a wee bit intimidating. What do you need to know about me? Well, I’m from the Seattle area and write all sorts of romance novels. Mostly I’m known for my sexy contemporaries, but have written a shape shifter series and erotic futuristic! You can check out my books at the book page on my website!


I love the International Heat girls and the whole writing community in general! Today I’m meeting with my fabulous friends and plotting group (there’s around 10 of us including Cherry Adair and Laurie London). So I’ll be back to blog all week long, and probably hold a contest, but now I must vanish to be with my plotting people! But before I go, let me share an image of the view I’m looking at as we chat today! Mount Rainier is out in all its glory!


7 Minutes In Heaven PRINT Release!

The first Are You Game? book is now available in print!



Available from –



Rhian Cahill

“C is for…” Now Available!

Checklist_C is for...Ta Da! “C is for…” the third book in the BDSM Checklist series is finally, finally available. Whew, this one was a long time coming, but it’s worth it (in my opinion).

If you don’t know, the BDSM Checklist series is BDSM erotica. Each book has a bit of romance, but the focus is some hot, hot sex. This is the third book in the series, but the books do not need to be read in order. Each is a standalone title, though there are some characters that appear in multiple stories, and Master James plays a role in “B is for…” before getting his own story with book three.

Amazon –
ARe –
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Beth is the perfect sub: quiet, obedient, and well trained. After years of membership in LA’s most exclusive BDSM club she’s served many of the most demanding masters and mistresses…and she’s bored.

James is a committed Dom who enjoys nothing more than a bratty sub he can “punish” until they’re both satisfied. The last thing he wants is a serious submissive.

Beth is on the verge of leaving the club when she’s paired with Master James as part of the BDSM checklist game. They’re both surprised to find that the hyper-obedient Beth is hiding the true depth of her submission, and James will have to decide if he’s willing to break his own rules to give Beth what she needs.



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