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StarLords #3

Promoted to StarLord, Agnor hand-picks his crew for the mission of a lifetime behind enemy lines and straight into the fire…

Betsua isn’t used to being noticed. Her Talent is a little wild sometimes and just lately, her telekinesis has been ranging off the charts. She doesn’t want anyone to know, but Agnor notices and asks her to join his crew. She jumps at the chance to get away from home, but Agnor has more in mind than merely helping her with her wayward Talent.

The new StarLord sees something in Betsua that attracts him in ways he has never experienced before. On a desperate mission to discover how the enemy collective holds the minds of so many people enslaved, will Ag and Bet be able to keep their minds on business and their hands off each other long enough to learn the secret of the blue crystals?

* Warning: Agnor’s ship is a training ground for Talent, battle skills, and the art of love. The lessons he teaches sometimes involve multiple partners and wild situations, not for the faint of heart.

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Red Zone

Red Zone by Mari Carr-highresRed Zone releases today!

A Boys of Fall story

Unlike so many of his teammates, Joel never left small-town Quinn after high school. Coach Carr offered him a full-time job on his ranch, and Joel was more than happy to stay near family. In his downtime, Joel good-naturedly competes with his best bud Oakley for the sexy local bartender’s attention, but Sadie repeatedly turns down their frequent requests for dates. She doesn’t want to come between the two friends…until a little too much champagne at a wedding reception leads to a sizzling encounter. In that moment, Joel and Oakley know they’ll never make Sadie choose — she can have them both.

A no-strings affair between the trio turns complicated when it becomes clear there’s nothing casual about their feelings. Add in a sensual, accidental touch between Joel and Oakley, and those feelings become intense times a thousand. It’s an emotional game of chance, one they may ultimately lose…but if they can reach the Red Zone, Joel, Oakley and Sadie have a chance at the biggest score of their lives.

Warning: This is a full-contact story with scenes of m/m/f sex.

Be sure to also check out the other new Boys of Fall books out today as well: Illegal Motion by Erin Nicholas and Going Deep by Cari Quinn.

It's time for a texas Three-stepExcerpt:

She allowed Oakley to take her hand and lead her to the taxi as Joel pressed his palm against her lower back. She caught more than a few sideways glances from people as the three of them left together. God only knew what everyone was thinking.

Actually, Sadie had a pretty good notion what they thought. As she climbed into the cab—Joel and Oakley doing exactly as she’d expected as they trapped her in the middle—she wondered if the dirty-minded people didn’t have a great idea.

Oakley kept hold of her hand, his fingers absentmindedly toying with her rings. Joel leaned closer, his arm draping around her along the backseat. Sadie gave the driver her address, though it was hard to speak with a dry mouth.

They hadn’t been in the cab more than two minutes before the darkness of the night wrapped them up in a cocoon that wasn’t lost on the guys.

Joel’s fingers began to stroke the nape of her neck—dear God, that was one of her favorite erogenous zones—as Oakley’s hand released hers in favor of her knee.

“I like your dress,” Oakley murmured.

She’d wondered when she bought it if it was too short for a fall wedding, but had decided fuck it. She’d liked it because it showed off all the assets she felt like revealing perfectly. She hadn’t cared about the old biddies giving her the hairy eyeball as much as she’d wanted to find a lover for the night.

Instead, she’d snared the wrong two guys.

Or the right two.

Oakley’s hand drifted higher and, because she didn’t have an ounce of self-restraint, she parted her legs in silent invitation.

Neither man missed the movement. Joel turned toward her, his fingers gripping her neck more firmly as he leaned closer to kiss her cheek.

Her eyes drifted closed, savoring the heat from his breath as his lips lingered there, stroking the sensitive skin of her face.

Oakley didn’t hesitate to explore deeper between her legs, his fingers lightly grazing her panties. They were wet, a dead giveaway to her desires, but it wasn’t as if she was pushing them away or protesting. Instead, she slid her hips forward a bit more, making sure Oakley had even better access.

The smart cowboy never missed a beat. Oakley dipped his finger beneath her silky panties and found her clit almost instantly.

Sadie sucked in a loud gasp, then pressed her lips closed tightly. The cab driver’s gaze found hers in the rearview mirror. There was no way she could play off the fact she was currently the cream filling in a cowboy Oreo, so she just winked at the guy.

What the hell did she care what he thought?

She didn’t give two fucks about what she thought either. The champagne had done its job well.

Oakley applied some pressure to her clit and the world shrank down to just that tiny spot. Well, that one and the one Joel was currently sucking on her neck.

Sadie was in serious danger of spontaneously combusting when the cab pulled up to the curb outside her apartment.

Oh, hell no. She was about to tell the guy to circle the block a few times, but Joel spoke before she could make the suggestion.

“Thanks.” He handed the guy a twenty, told him to keep the change and then he got out, reaching to help her. When she heard a second door close, she realized Oakley had gotten out too.

The cab drove away, leaving her on the curb, hot and bothered and still not alone.

“Did the plan change? I thought the taxi was taking you guys to the ranch.”

Oakley chuckled. “Do you want us to call him back?”

She shook her head. “Fuck no.”





Something Sparked!

Something Sparked-highresSomething Sparked is out today!

The Sparks family is back again and this time…it’s Jeannette’s turn to get her life sorted out. In a family of rambunctious cousins, she’s used to being the shy, quiet one. But when she comes out of her shell, she comes OUT in style. Maris’ firefighters, Diego and Luc have had their eye on her for years and when they spy a way to finally convince her to go out with them, they take it.

The end result? A sexy m/m/f affair.

Sparks in Texas, book 3

Jeannette’s life is…nice. Great job in the family restaurant, cute house, sweet cat. All very nice…and boring…and maybe a little lonely. But she’ll suffer that price for the safety she desperately covets. Now, if only something could keep her safe from the temptation that is Luc and Diego. The gorgeous firemen are a danger to her libido, if not her heart.

Lovers Luc and Diego have had a hunger for the pretty cook at Sparks Barbecue since they rolled into town three years ago. But everyone knows Jeannette doesn’t date, so the men’s lust seems destined to go unslaked, no matter how much they want her in their bed. If friendship is all she’s willing to offer, Luc and Diego will greedily take it.

That changes quickly when an arsonist throws Jeannette in harm’s way, forcing her to find security and comfort in Luc and Diego’s arms. But the trio’s simmering heat is barely a flicker before the men learn Jeannette has secrets that run dark and deep…presenting them with a challenge unlike any they’ve yet to face.

Note: This book contains a scene of abuse from 16-year-old Jeannette’s past.


Throughout the dance she’d shared with Luc, she had been aware of Diego’s eyes on them. Somehow knowing he’d been watching had excited her, though she was hard-pressed to understand why. It was as if she wanted Diego to know how Luc was making her feel…because she sensed that made Diego happy.

Which was bizarre, because she had no idea if that was true or not.

Diego took her into his arms, tugging her until her breasts were pressed firmly against his chest. He didn’t ask, didn’t hesitate. He simply took. While that idea should terrify her, it didn’t. Instead, he had a way of making her feel cherished, safe, protected.

Like Luc, Diego was a skilled dancer. With subtle pushes and pulls, he guided them, taking over so that she could just enjoy the moment.

“You liked Luc’s kiss.”

It wasn’t a question, but she answered anyway. “Yes.”

“I liked watching it.”

“I know,” she whispered.

“Do you understand now?”

It was a vague question, but Jeannette didn’t need clarification. She knew what he was alluding to. She nodded.

“You feel it to. I can see it in your eyes. Even though you’re dancing with me, focused just on me, you know he’s there watching us. It makes you hot and shivery inside, doesn’t it?”

She swallowed, struggling to find her voice. “It does, but—” She tried to stop herself, tried to beat back the fears. It appeared Nettie refused to go down without a fight.

“But nothing.” Diego tightened his grip. However, this time she couldn’t sink into the embrace. Her back stiffened as self-preservation and years of running away ganged up on her.

He loosened his hold, tipping her chin up, forcing her to face him. “We’re going to take this nice and slow, Jeannette. But we’re not stopping.”

“I can’t…do…” Again, the words died. She couldn’t go where they wanted to take her. But damn if she didn’t want them to try anyway.

“You can’t tonight. I can see that. But we’re not going to stop trying. We’ve got as many nights as we need, all the time in the world.”

She frowned and asked the question that had tormented her since they’d pulled her into the park and insisted on this date. “Why would you go to all that trouble?”

“If this weren’t our first date, I’d take you home and turn you over my knee for that. Even now, I’m sorely tempted.”

Had he seriously just threatened to spank her? And was she honestly disappointed he was resisting? God, this whole night was confusing. And maddening. And sexy as hell.

Regardless, her spine stiffened. “All I’m saying is, you and Luc could basically have your pick of women around here. I’m not sure why you’d want—”

Diego placed his finger over her lips. “I’m going to advise you to stop while you’re ahead. If I hear one more self-deprecating comment come out of those pretty lips of yours tonight, I won’t be held responsible for my actions. And believe me, angel, as much as you might want to tempt me on that, you aren’t ready for it.”

Jeannette wasn’t sure how to reply. Diego’s thumb stroked her lower lip, his gaze glued to her mouth like a starving man eyeing a steak.

Though the slow music continued to fill the air, couples swaying back and forth around them, neither of them moved. Instead, they stood there, on the edge of the floor, and looked at each other.

Diego didn’t seek to close the distance between them. In fact, it seemed as if he were waiting for something. Waiting for her.

“Kiss me,” she whispered.

He smiled at her request. He had been waiting for an invitation. “That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

Something Sparked is available now!





Some Like It Hot releases today


Some Like It Hot, the three book bundle by Sami Lee, Lexxie Couper and Jess Dee, is now available.


This hot little box set features three previously-released short stories, all beautifully packaged together for the bargain price of 99c.


A Single Knight by Lexxie Couper

He gives the term gallant a whole new meaning…

Tagging along to a party outside her normal circles, Casey-Louise never expected to find herself being seduced by a British knight. Sir Addison Lancaster is way out of her league, but damn, he’s sexy. And flirting with her. Things get even hotter when Addison pulls her into his arms and positively scorching when he kisses her.

Rendezvous by Sami Lee

Six days at sea with her ex… Conditions are about to get rough.

Despite having unresolved feelings for her estranged husband, Cassie sends divorce papers in her desperation to move on. To her surprise the move shakes Reed out of his emotional hibernation and brings him to north Queensland, determined to win her back.

Visiting Paradise by Jess Dee

A luxury yacht, a gorgeous man and an idyllic setting. This could be the romance of a lifetime—or the end of her career.

Beth Brown needs a holiday. She’s burnt out, single and in love with her boss, Joe Bastion. Beth’s about to set sail to paradise, and she has no idea Joe’s at the helm.

Some Like It Hot is available now at:
AmazonBarnes &Noble

Happy reading.


Tales of the Were: Matt

Matt-200x300He’s here! He’s finally here! Although delayed by forces beyond my control, Matt has finally made an appearance and is available now.

Get your copy on: KindleNookSmashwords – Kobo – iTunes…

Redstone Clan – Matt

Is the wild cougar about to be tamed?

Matt Redstone is always up for a lark, but lately, the youngest Redstone brother has grown envious of his brothers’ marital bliss.

The woman he’s never forgotten…

When Matt is sent to Northern California to work out logistics on one of his family’s projects, he finds himself working with a woman he’s met before. A pretty little Florida panther named Morgan, who is as lovely as she is brilliant.

Destiny unites them…

Matt and Morgan must work together to uncover the sinister plot and those who would trigger a very un-natural disaster in order to bring an ancient evil back into the world.

Can they avert catastrophe while finally acknowledging the pull of the bond between them? Or will it all just be too little, too late?

More info visit: WWW.BIANCADARC.COM

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