A Year I Will Never Forget

Ah, 2013. What a year it’s been. So I’m supposed to go over my year in review. It’s been a big one for me.

I travelled the globe and saw the sights. From RT in Kansas City – where it snowed in early May, to my cabin in Colorado and the Very Virginal Bachelorette Party, Shayla Black and I threw at RomCom in Colorado Springs to RAW in Maryland, I got to see the country and meet readers.

virginal 2

The Virginal Bachelorette Party @ RomCon


More of the party fun @ RomCon

On the personal travel front, I spent my summer in New York meeting with my agent and went on my 20th anniversary cruise with my hubby, my friend Shayla Black and her hubby. We visited London and then cruised the Baltic, seeing Copenhagen, Berlin, Helsinki, Estonia, and Amsterdam. But the biggest of all? The days we spent in St. Petersburg. I never thought I would see Russia. I can’t tell you how much inspiration that trip gave me.

finland 2

Shayla and I in Finland


The train to Porvoo in Finland



germany 2

The Berlin Wall in Germany

russia 2

Catherine’s Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia


The courtyard of Catherine’s Palace

This year saw the culmination of a couple of my dreams. I started this part of my writing journey after the birth of my third—and last—baby. I won’t bore you with details, but her birth spurred me to reach out and give writing one last shot. In her first year I wrote six books. I’d written three in the ten years before her birth. This year I finally began publishing those books. It’s a series called Thieves and it’s very close to my heart. I published the first two—Steal the Light and Steal the Day. The last three and the first of the next series will come out in 2014.



And this was the year I got to put New York Times Best Selling Author in front of my name. I was in London when we got the news. I’ll be honest though, that was for a bundle. I’m actually prouder of the fact that Love and Let Die hit USA Today. I can proudly say I grew that series and will continue to nurture it along in 2014.


But more than anything I like to look back on a year and figure out what I learned. I was talking to my eldest daughter and sixteen year old niece. They’re just beginning their lives but already being asked the big questions like what do you want to be when you grow up?

There’s only one answer to that. I want to be happy. There’s no real way for them to know what they can achieve at this age. Maybe some lucky few really know what they want, but I didn’t know until I was forty, or rather I didn’t have the fortitude to really do it.

2013 was an amazing year and I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds for all of us.

Happy New Year,



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3 Responses to A Year I Will Never Forget

  • Lj says:

    Just to be happy; such honest and humbling words. <3! Have greatly enjoyed your work since I've come to enlightenment in Summer 2012.

    May your 2014 be even more spectacular. HNY!

  • Pansy Petal says:

    What a wonderful trip! Explains why our mercenary heroes are going to Europe to. ;-) Love it! Love you! Have all your books and look forward to the next year with eager anticipation. Thank you!

  • jc says:

    Thank you for all your books and taking me to another world even if realitys not even close
    I’m glad your year was so wonderful do hope it continues on with loads and loads of more adventure and excitement
    Yummy yummy

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