Rhian Cahill

Known For: Party Games, contemporary erotic romance
Indie Project: Her love of vintage sex toys — she’s one of the world’s foremost collectors. The centerpiece of her collection is a 14th century dildo from the Ottoman empire

Mari Carr

Known For: Compass Brothers series and Wild Irish series
Indie Project: Second Chances and Scoundrels

Lexxie Couper

Known For:  Nick Blackthorne and the Heart of Fame series
Indie Project: the Principatus series

Bianca D’Arc

Known For: Dragon Knights, Resonance Mates, vampires and werecreatures of all kinds
Indie Project: Redstone Clan – 5 sexy werecougar brothers finding love in a contemporary, paranormal world

Jess Dee

Known For: My obsessive need to not let anyone but myself pack my dishwasher
Indie Project: My writing

Lila Dubois

Known ForMonsters in Hollywood series–hot, sexy paranormal romance set in tinsel town
Indie ProjectGlenncailty Castle series–contemporary romance with a paranormal twist set in Ireland

Sami Lee

Known For: Super hot mmf menage romance Erica’s Choice
Indie Project: Sweet romance, A Man Like Mike (sweet–what the hell?)

Shelli Stevens

Known For: Sexy contemporary romance. The McLaughlins and Holding out for a Hero series.
Indie Project: A is for Alpha series. Alpha billionaires who’ll stop at nothing to get what they want.
Note: author information is not guaranteed accurate because Lila is easily bored by “facts” and “truth”

Passport photos for IntlHeat authors

(Note, these are not real photos–none of us have hair that looks that good. Yea, that’s the only unrealistic thing).

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