Bianca’s Year in Review

Merry Christmas to those who spent yesterday eating and opening presents. Huzzah! Happy Holidays to those who have already celebrated other festivities and Peace on Earth to all! Now that that’s out of the way, I’ve been assigned the task of reviewing my year today. Let’s see…

It was a very busy year. I’m thrilled to say that because as many of you know, I took a long break from writing when my mother died. This Christmas marks the fourth anniversary of her passing and although I still (and always will) miss her, I’m proud to think of the progress I’ve made in letting go of most of the paralyzing grief and trying to move forward. Mom was a go-getter. She wouldn’t have been happy with the way I was living just a year ago. I still have a ways to go, but at least in one area of my life – my work – I’ve begun to move again, and this year was all about getting going again and making up a little for lost time.

I have to thank my dragons for really getting me enthusiastic again about writing. Of course, they’ve always been good to me – the first book I ever had published was the first Dragon Knights book, Maiden Flight. In January, the last of the ebook re-releases of my dragon series was accomplished when Dragon Storm was re-released. In January, I also had a short story released in The Mammoth Book of Futuristic Romance called End of the Line, which I was able to self-publish as well.

Then in February, it was back to dragons, with the first new Dragon Knights book in years! Keeper of the Flame took us to a new land in the dragon world and marked the beginning of my “come-back” (at least in my mind), to the world of the living. In March, I released Tales of the Were: Slade as a follow-up to the surprising success of Rocky, which I had released right at the end of 2012. With the success of those two, it really turned 2013 into a very paranormal year for me. Also in March, Rocky and Brotherhood of Blood: Wolf Hills released in print. And Slade was released in print a month later, in April.

In May, I got to hang out with all my IH friends at the big RT convention in Kansas City. Yay! And I released Tales of the Were: Grif, which started the new Redstone Clan sub-series. I didn’t have a release in June – I know, I’m such a slacker! LOL! And then in July and August, we were back to dragons with two brand new Dragon Knights short stories – The Dragon Healer and Master at Arms. I also attended the AAD conference in Savannah in August and had a blast meeting so many great folks!

September saw the print release of Grif and the beginning of the re-releases of my Dragon Knights series in print. Maiden Flight was released in print with The Dragon Healer as a bonus in the same volume. In October, Border Lair was released in print with Master at Arms as a bonus in the same volume. I also released Tales of the Were: Red, the second book in the Redstone Clan sub-series, which released in print in November, as did the third Dragon Knights re-release in print of The Ice Dragon. In ebook, I released a bundled version of Rocky and Slade together.

And that brings us to December, which saw the release of Brotherhood of Blood: Wolf Quest in ebook and the fourth Dragon Knights print re-release, Prince of Spies. It was a helluva year!

I should also note that Wolf Hills was nominated for an RT Reviewers Choice Award in May and the honor has been repeated – I found out last month that Maiden Flight is up for one at next year’s conference. I’m truly honored by the recognition for my books and to be among such other great nominees.

Next year is going to be another busy one, if all goes well. I have a lot of projects planned, including Harry’s Sacrifice – the fifth and final Resonance Mates book, which will be out in March – it’s already available for pre-order! I’ve also got the second String of Fate book – King’s Throne – slated for release next summer and the third book in the trilogy – Jacob’s Ladder – should be releasing later in 2014, finishing the series.

Next year is going to be all about tying up loose ends, I think. I will be finishing the Redstone Clan sub-series as well, releasing Magnus early in the year, then Bobcat and Matt in the Spring/Summer. So if all goes as planned, I’ll be finishing at least three series in 2014.

I’ll also be working on finishing up some of the other series that were left hanging when I stopped writing for so long. I’ll be working on the second and third StarLords books – Talent for Trouble and Shy Talent – which will probably release either late 2014 or in 2015, finishing that trilogy. I’ll also be writing a new dragon book and finishing off the last of the “Four Kings” space opera novellas. I hope to have King of Stars out sometime in late Summer of 2014 to conclude that set. But there are more books set in that world, which I hope to begin releasing near the end of the year.

It’s a very ambitious schedule and I’m going to do my best to meet it. I had a lot of fun writing my butt off this year and hope to do the same again next! Here’s to a happy, healthy and productive 2014! Happy New Year!!! :)

2 Responses to Bianca’s Year in Review

  • Valerie says:

    Can’t wait to read all of the new books!! :)

  • Pansy Petal says:

    I am so glad you are “coming back to life”. Loosing a parent is so hard. It has been 15 months since I lost my Mother. It takes time. But, being a fan of your books, I so glad you are writing again and I look forward to even more in the New Year!

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