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First, I’d like to thank you all for making my week as blog mom so much fun! Here are the winners for all the blogs I ran over this past week…

Monday – the ebook coopy of King’s Throne goes to: Jen B

Tuesday – the ebook coopy of Bobcat goes to: Brenda Southard

Wednesday – the ebook coopy of The Others Box Set goes to: Lori T

Thursday – the ebook coopy of Harry’s Sacrifice goes to: Terri

Friday – the ebook coopy of Magnus goes to: Janet Rodman

Saturday – the ebook coopy of Cat’s Cradle goes to: Trish D

And just for kicks, I’ve also picked a wildcard winner who will get to choose one of the previously mentioned books. The wildcard ebook goes to: Becky Ann

To claim your prize, email me at: BiancaDArc @ and let me know what ebook format you prefer. Thanks for playing! :)

Happy Independence Day!

CatsCradlePROMOSQ-WinAs the title of this post suggests – I hope everyone in the US has a great 4th of July! We’re a little rained out here on Long Island, thanks to the hurricane that’s passing off to our east, but it’s all good. I didn’t really have any big plans anyway. *shrug*

Since today is the last full day of being blog mom here, I just wanted to thank you all for the nice comments you’ve left me all week!

Today, I’m going to give away an ebook copy of an older book a lot of people seem to have missed. It’s a paranormal that is related to but slightly separate from the rest of my paranormal series, Tales of the Were. This miniseries, which I call String of Fate, follows big cat shifters in a different part of the world than the rest of my weres.

The first book is called Cat’s Cradle and it’s followed by my recent release, King’s Throne. The final book in the trilogy will be out later this year and is titled Jacob’s Ladder.

Since it’s a holiday, I’ll leave you all with a little movie to enjoy. I had this created to be a teaser trailer for King’s Throne and I think the BookChick did an awesome job! Oh, and remember to come back tomorrow for the list of winners from the week. You can still enter all 6 drawings – Sunday thru today – so get those comments in!!!

2014 – Bianca’s Year of the Paranormal and What’s Coming Up

Magnus-PromoSquare-WinToday I want to talk about my 2014 and how it’s become pretty much overwhelmed by paranormals. I didn’t start out intending to do it this way, but I did have a goal of finishing series. I had – still have, in fact – a lot of open-ended series. Things that I want to finish, but haven’t gotten back to yet. This year was supposed to be all about finishing a few things off.

I started the year out well enough, finishing off the print releases of all my Dragon Knights books, which were re-issued last year. The publisher, Samhain, does a funny thing with releasing the ebook first, then the print book almost a year later. Drives me nuts, but that’s what they do. So by March, we had all the print versions out, which felt good. However, that series is still ongoing, which means at some point, I need to write a new dragon book.

In February, MAGNUS released. This was a critical book for me. It’s the second book in the Redstone Clan miniseries and mixes vamps and weres, which has been a no-no in this world. I did a book like this once before – INFERNO – in which the hero is a vamp and the heroine a werewolf, and I wanted to pick up on that only in this book, the hero is a werecougar and the heroine is a vampire. It was a lot of fun to write and helped set up the rest of the miniseries – and in fact, the series as a whole.

I realized at this point that all of my paranormal series and miniseries are starting to converge in a big way. And I think this was the book that sort of set the stage for the rest of the year, though I really had no idea that would happen when I set out to write it.

In March, I finally ended a series with the release of HARRY’S SACRIFICE, the final book in my Resonance Mates series. (Although I may do a spinoff series eventually, never fear.)

In May there was some behind-the-scenes contract drama with KING’S THRONE, which led me to release the book myself. I hadn’t intended to do it that way, but I felt I was left with little choice but to go indie with it. I wrote the book with the idea of finishing the planned trilogy - CAT’S CRADLE, KING’S THRONE, & JACOB’S LADDER. If I’d gone with the publisher, KING’S THRONE wouldn’t have come out until sometime next year. This sped up the process and made me have to re-think my entire schedule. It also added and unexpected paranormal release to the year, contributing to the total takeover of my year by paranormals. ;-)

And last month, I released BOBCAT, the 4th of the Redstone Clan books. Another paranormal. To be honest, pushing to get all that out by this half-way point in the year has left me more than a little burnt out. *sigh* And where we go from here seems to be a little up in the air at the moment. One thing I do know is that I want to release JACOB’S LADDER and MATT – the final Redstone brother’s book – by the end of the year. I’m not entirely sure what else is going to happen because I’m coming up on a lot of travel for conferences and all the tumult that throws into my life.

So far this year then, we’ve had some dragon print books, a sci fi ebook release, and three paranormals. Not bad for six months, I’d say. What will the other half of the year hold? I’m thinking at least 2 more paranormals, some sci fi re-releases, and possibly a new sci fi release – KING OF STARS – that will help finish up another series. It’s an ambitious plan, but one I hope to live up to!

As for next year, I’m hoping I’ll have a bit more variety and be able to get back to some of my other series and either add new installments (Dragon Knights) or finish them. I don’t like having all these open projects hanging over my head, but I can only type just so fast! LOL! Thanks for your patience and I hope you’ll all keep reading!

Let me know what you want to see more of! Here’s your chance to comment and let me know which of my series you want me to tackle in 2015. Comment below and you’ll be entered for a chance to win an ebook copy of MAGNUS. I’ll announce all the winners from this week on Saturday, so you still have a chance to go back and enter the previous days’ drawings. Good luck!

Giving Away an eBook Every Day This Week!

Harry-PromoSq-WinJust so you know… You can still go back and comment on my posts from earlier this week to enter the drawings. I’ll be announcing all the winners on my final day as blog mom, this Saturday. So you have until Friday night to enter all the drawings. Get hopping! :)

Today, I want to talk a little bit about one of my favorite genres – sci fi romance. While it’s not quite as popular as some other genres, sci fi romance is near and dear to my geeky little heart.

Earlier this year, I finally finished the 5-book story arc of my Resonance Mates series. It’s a futuristic ménage series started way back at the beginning of my writing career and the fact that I finally got to the end of the originally-planned arc is incredibly gratifying to me.

Resonance Mates explores a future Earth where aliens who have been here before – during the Dark Ages – have returned to our modern world and basically destroyed civilization as we know it. In that sense, it’s a post-apocalyptic storyline, where what’s left of humanity has to struggle to survive and the aliens have to come to understand the error of what they’ve done to our planet and our people. The aliens also have to learn about love and emotion and who better to teach them than the human race?

Although I always planned to bring the story full circle by book 5 – HARRY’S SACRIFICE – which came out in March of this year, I left it so that I could spinoff other stories set in the same basic world. I hope to get back to that world next year, after I’ve brought my paranormal series to an endpoint. This year seems to be all about paranormal. Hopefully next year will be a little more varied.

Resonance Mates started with HARA’S LEGACY – a book I wrote intending it for a specific publisher, who sat on my submission for over a year before rejecting it without ever having read it. Frustration is not an adequate word to describe how that made me feel. I turned around and submitted it to my Samhain editor and it was contracted within 3 days. That made me feel a whole lot better! And when it won the EPPIE Award for Best Sci Fi/Futuristic Erotic Romance that year, I felt totally vindicated. I believed in that book, even when others couldn’t give it the time of day.

So today, I’m going to give away an ebook copy of HARRY’S SACRIFICE to one random commenter on this post. Tell me if you like sci fi romance and if so, what about it appeals to you. Do you like space opera (a la Star Wars)? Or do you prefer post-apocalyptic stuff like my Resonance Mates, set on a future earth? Do you enjoy reading about aliens? Or do you prefer something else? Let me know what you think about the genre! As I said, I’ll post all the winners at the end of the week, so you have until Friday to enter. Comment away!

Brand New Boxed Set of Summer Reads!

InkHeart-Summer2014BoxSetsToday is a big day for me! It’s the very first time I’ve been invited to participate in a multi-author boxed set and it comes out today!

The two boxed sets from Ink Heart contain stories from over twenty best selling authors between the two volumes.

My book, Grif, is in the Steamy & Sizzling collection. Also in that same volume is a sizzling story from fellow IH’ers Lexi Blake, Mari Carr and Lila Dubois! You can order it here:

Or, if Sexy & Sweet is more your thing, get that volume here:

Or get both! There are a serious number of books in these collections by a lot of totally awesome authors. Either collection will keep you entertained for hours and hours! Get your copies today because they’ll only be available for a limited time.

To help celebrate, I’m going to give away an ebook copy of my own little boxed set that contains both Rocky and Slade – the two books that lead up to my book, Grif, which, as I said, is in the Steamy & Sizzling collection.

Duo-PromoSq-WinComment on this post and tell me what you like best about boxed sets, if you like buying them, or if you dislike them for some reason. I’m interested in knowing what readers think about them, since lots of authors are doing them now. Is it getting old? Or can you still not get enough of them? Tell me what you think!

I’ll pick one lucky commenter to receive the ebook copy of The Others boxed set and announce it on Saturday, when my week as blog mom comes to an end. Good luck!

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