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Double Release Day! #newrelease

Two IH authors have books out today!


From Rhian Cahill -


He glanced back in Kelsey’s direction. He was getting in the game.

West wasn’t sure how or when he made the decision, but he was going after Kels and was prepared to break every friend code there was to claim her as his.



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From Bianca D’Arc -


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Love triangles are always more interesting when they come equipped with claws…and flippers?Beau has anger issues, but not when he’s around Jacki. The fierce tiger shifter has been following her around like a puppy, but she hasn’t taken notice of him…until now.

No matter how long Geir has lived in the States, he’s still the odd man out. A tiger shifter native of Iceland, he is a Master of his craft, training other warriors the skills he has perfected. When he sees Jacki for the first time, he knows she is the one for him.

Jacki is the privileged daughter of a prominent shifter Clan. Most of her relatives are lion shifters, so she knows how to handle cats on the prowl, but she is a much rarer selkie-a seal shifter-imbued with magic and surrounded by mystery. When an opportunity arises to step into a key role in shifter society, she is uncertain, but willing to try. And when she’s told she doesn’t have to choose between the two tigers, but rather, can have them both, she is more than intrigued. But someone is stalking their path and they must work together to nullify the danger, all while trying to figure out a complicated relationship that has all three of them questioning fate.

Warning: This story contains graphic language and menage a trois between two tiger shifters and one very special selkie woman. Rawr.

Fall is in the Air

FoliageMapNEW101514Here in New York, the leaves on the trees are changing color and I’ve spent the past week preparing to take all my tropical plants inside for the winter before the temperatures get too cold for them. It’s a busy time – and my favorite time of year!

As you can see from the map on the right, the leaves are just starting to change for us here on Long Island. We’re a little behind the inland elevations, but that’s okay because it means we get much milder weather (aside from the occasional hurricane). Believe it or not, the NY State website has a weekly update on “Fall Foliage”. Seeing the leaves change – especially upstate – is an annual event!

JL-400x600Having a new book release right now (and another next month) has been hectic, to say the least, but I’m content. Frazzled, but content. ;-)

As the year turns colder, I tend to get more productive. Writing is an indoor activity and when the weather is cold and the nights are long, I tend to spend a lot more time writing. I’ve been working on my writing schedule for the next few months and while it’s ambitious, I think with the colder weather coming in, it just might be do-able.

My plans going forward include releasing the follow-up to JACOB’S LADDER, which is called HER WARRIORS on 11/11. It’s a paranormal BBW shifter mange, which is something a little different for this series. I haven’t written a ménage in a while and I wasn’t really expecting there to be one in the String of Fate series… Heck, the String of Fate series was supposed to end with Jake! But this book just wanted to be written and I went with it. I hope you all will like it.

HerWar-200x300After that, I really want to finish up the four kings of the Arcana series. My plan at the moment is to release KING OF STARS in December. I really hope I can stick to that plan. I seem to have stalled out a bit in preparation for the JACOB’S LADDER release, which sometimes happens, but it annoying. Such a big release kind of consumes all my attention and I slack off on the new writing, so my productivity goes almost to zero. :(

For next year, I want to get Matt’s book out early in the year. That will finish up the five brothers of the Redstone Clan and I’m planning one heck of a plot twist for that particular book that will change pretty much everything in that world. Exciting!

I’m also looking at finally getting back to the StarLords series. I’ve been meaning to do that for a long time and I’m hoping I can finish up that series later in the year.

There are a few other projects in my mind, including a few water-based shifter stories and perhaps a return to the Dragon Knights world. I also am hoping to get into some new projects. New worlds. New stories. Maybe even a new pen name! I’m not really sure how it’s all going to go yet, but I’m working on plans right now and will continue to make tweaks and changes to the plan as we go along.

For now… more shifters next month and with any luck, space opera in December. Then back to shifters in January, and then…? We’ll just have to see where the road leads…

An Unexpected Twist

CC-200x300Once in a while, strange things happen when you’re a writer. In my case, the String of Fate series has given me a little surprise. You see, Book 4 in the series was never supposed to exist! It’s called HER WARRIORS, and I didn’t really intend to write it. It just wanted to be written and wouldn’t quit!

The String of Fate was supposed to be three stories about big cat shifters. It started way back in 2010 with CAT’S CRADLE, which I had written before my mother died. After she passed, although I didn’t really want to start a new series right then, I gave it to my editor at Samhain because she advised me it was important to keep putting out new books.

I wasn’t writing anything new because, let’s face it, I was a mess after losing my Mom, who was also my business partner (we were both lawyers who specialized in business consulting) and my best friend. I didn’t write anything new for about a year. And anything I wrote after, was sloooooooowwww. It took me a long time – years – to get back in the saddle and really start writing again.

KT-200x300So CAT’S CRADLE was out there for a few years and finally, earlier this year, I continued it with the release of KING’S THRONE. I had a goal to finish the trilogy this year. So I pushed to finish the third book of the planned trilogy, JACOB’S LADDER, and put it out this year as well. I figured that would be it and I’d have finished another series. Yay.

But it didn’t quite work out that way.

At the end of JACOB’S LADDER, there were these characters clamoring to find out what happened to them next. I decided to play with the story line and keep going, figuring I might get a short story or novella out the exercise that I could use for promotion or something. But the story just kept going… It poured out thousands of words at a time. Flowing like… well… like something kind of magical. I LOVE when that happens!

JL-400x600Before I knew what happened, I had a full-blown novel on my hands. A menage – which isn’t part of the series to that point – and it’s a little less focused on the action/adventure than the previous book. You see, there’s a giant battle at the end of JACOB’S LADDER. HER WARRIORS picks up after the battle and sort of follows the characters to their new place. (I don’t want to say too much here in case of spoilers.) There’s no giant battle scene in this one. It’s more peaceful, but there is a lot of emotional drama and the introduction of a new character that I, personally, find very compelling.

I want to get this book out before the big Christmas season, when nobody has any time to enjoy a peaceful few hours with a book. So I’m doing a break-neck turnaround on this, and will release it on Veteran’s Day (US). That’s 11/11/14. The preorder links have just started going up. It is available for preorder on Amazon, iBooks, and Smashwords. (Kobo coming soon.) It’ll also be available in print for preorder on Amazon shortly.

HerWar-200x300On release day (or shortly thereafter) – and this holds true for JACOB’S LADDER too – it’ll go live on Barnes & Noble and other ebook retailers, as well as other print retailers.

Here are the buy links for each book in the series:

Cat’s Cradle – AmazonB&NiBooksKoboSamhain

King’s Throne – Amazon (exclusive)

Jacob’s Ladder – Amazon – iBooksKoboSmashwords – B&N (coming soon)

Her Warriors  – Amazon- SmashwordsiBooks – Kobo & B&N (coming soon)

I’m not sure where we’re going from here, but it sure looks like the String of Fate series isn’t finished with me yet! There are some rather compelling characters that might hound me until I write their stories too. ;-)

New Release! Jacob’s Ladder by Bianca D’Arc

JL-400x600Just released today! Jacob’s Ladder – a hot paranormal action/adventure tale that pairs a military man who can see the future with a woman who has lived most of her life on the run. Jake will protect her and her heritage. Can she welcome him into her Clan of secretive shapeshifters, when he’s only human? They will fight side-by-side and face deadly enemies before all is said and done… falling in love all along the way.

Here’s the official blurb:

A man on a mission…

Jake can see the future and there’s a special woman on his mind. She needs his help and he’s just the man to help when danger stalks her every step.

A woman with responsibilities…

For Ria, being the Nyx — the leader of her people — comes with burdens that few can understand. Her special abilities make her a target of the Venifucus, an ancient faction that hopes to pervert Ria’s hereditary power to their own evil purposes. She’s lived her life on the run, but the time has come to turn and confront the bad guys on her trail.

Can they stop the Venifucus from using the ancient power of the Nyx to return evil to this world? Whatever the cost, they must stop it, before it’s too late.

Buy now in ebook from: AmazoniBooksKoboSmashwords

Buy now in print from: Amazon

Excerpt From Jacob’s Ladder by Bianca D’Arc

Jacob's Ladder - releasing 10/14/14

Jacob’s Ladder – releasing 10/14/14

Jacob’s Ladder comes out tomorrow! So in preparation, I thought I’d give you all a little taste of the book to whet your appetites…


JACOB’S LADDER by Bianca D’Arc

(c) 2014 Bianca D’Arc. All Rights Reserved.

She was doing it again. Thinking about that encounter with Jake all those months ago when she had more important things going on. Right now, she should be concentrating on fleeing for her life.

She was following after Dorian, the point man of her small Guard detail as they headed for the closest of the pre-planned escape routes. Thank goodness her feet still managed to work even while her mind was on that damnable, disappearing man, Jake.

Ria was doing her best to move as quickly and silently as she had been trained, following in Dorian’s wake. Shelly and her partner, Burgess, were on either side with Bronson bringing up the rear. And then Bronson cried out.

Ria spared a glance behind her to see the young man go down on one knee, then pop right back up again – bleeding. He’d been shot in the leg and from the sound of it, the gun was sporting a silencer. That was bad. Pros used silencers.

Bronson spun and began fighting hand to hand with the man who had come up behind him. Ria worried for the young Guard, but knew he was doing his duty and she had to do hers. She had to keep herself from being captured. It sucked being the black panther queen sometimes. Actually…all the time. Ria wasn’t exactly a fairytale princess and doubted she ever would be.

For one thing, she was always on the run and had to watch her friends get hurt and even die protecting her and her legacy. Where was the fun in that? All it did was break her heart and make her live on pure adrenaline half the time, which was something she didn’t really enjoy. She ran faster, knowing Bronson was either already dead or gravely injured. His sacrifice would be for nothing if she didn’t manage to escape.

Burgess fell back to take the rear guard position as the four of them kept running. They were in a long hallway filled with shadows. High windows on the left – an outside wall – allowed the weak moonlight to filter in from above, painting the scene with bizarre rectangles of light. Off to the right was the occasional connecting hall and a number of locked doors as they sped along. Her Guard knew which of the doors or hallways led to safety.

And then the shadows ahead moved. Dorian didn’t cry out as he fell, but she knew he was down even as she heard Burgess engaging with more enemies behind her. Shelly moved in front of her and half-shifted to her battle form to engage with the enemy while Ria tried to look for
another way out.

She didn’t see any. No, they were well and truly trapped in the long hallway and this time, she truly thought her number was up.

With a crash, sparkling glass rained down on her from above and a rope hit the wall beside her. They were coming from above now too? She looked upward and saw a black-clad man silhouetted against the smashed window several yards above her head.

“Grab the rope if you want to live.” The male voice drifted down to her – a voice she recognized from her dreams. It couldn’t be… “Take the rope now,” he urged, his voice low and steady.

Sizing up her choices, Ria realized there really was no other choice at the moment but to trust that her ears were not deceiving her. She reached for the rope.

A moment later, she was airborne, being hoisted at incredible speed toward the window. Good thing she was a cat because when she got to the opening, she realized her knight in black armor was hanging upside down from the roofline. She jumped up onto the ledge of the
window, twisted and then jumped upward once more, with her rescuer’s strength helping her up onto the roof with him.

She caught a quick glimpse of his face and her breath caught. It was Jake. A Jake she had never seen before. Gone was the urbane man in a tailored suit, replaced by a tough-as-nails commando swathed in black.

“Come on. I’ve got a ride waiting.” He dashed across the flat roof of the warehouse toward a ladder that led upward, Ria beside him.

For a moment, her inner panther wanted to jump for joy, running beside the man it had taken an instant liking to all those months ago. Her ears hadn’t been deceiving her. This new Jake made her want to purr. He was tough and lean, muscled and dangerous. And he was here. Finally.

Preorder now in ebook from: AmazoniBooksKoboSmashwords
Available everywhere after release.

Preorder now in print from: Amazon

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