Whiskey Eyes


Whiskey Eyes is OUT TODAY. And you know when it involves Macie, it’s going to be a fun ride! Romantic comedy wrapped up in a steamy erotic romance. Who doesn’t want to laugh…and swoon? Pick up your copy now!

Macie Sparks’ number-one talent is talking. She’s a huge fan of her own voice. Always has been. But lately the resident Queen of Gossip has been feeling blue. While she’s helped several of her cousins find their happily ever afters, she can’t help but think she missed the boat somewhere.

Lucky for her, widower Hank Cooper is pretty fond of her stories and her off-color jokes and basically everything else Macie has to offer. After the death of his beloved wife, Hank found his way to Sparks Barbeque, where Macie caught his eye. The more time he spends with her, the more Hank starts to think that maybe lightning can strike twice. That a man can find two loves of a lifetime.

And while all Macie knows is dating and keeping it casual and staying single, Hank isn’t willing to dance to her tune. Because he wants Macie in his bed…and his life…forever.

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~ ~ ~

WhiskeyEyesEnjoy excerpt from Whiskey Eyes.

“I want you to go out with me,” Coop said.

Macie looked out the front window and frowned in confusion. “Outside? Why? It looks like rain.”

Coop shook his head. “Out with me. On a date.”

Macie wasn’t sure how to reply, but that didn’t stop her mouth from opening and producing sound. “Seriously?”

Coop didn’t seem offended by her stupid question. “Yeah.”

She glanced around the bar, wondering if anyone could hear the exchange. Not that she cared if they could. She imagined—like her—any eavesdroppers would be floored by his request.

Hank Cooper was a regular at Sparks Barbeque. He’d come in for dinner one night shortly after his wife’s death nearly a year earlier and it was as if he’d taken up residence. Which suited Macie just fine. He was a nice guy with a quick wit. Coop got her special brand of sarcasm. She liked that about him.

And it had occurred to her that—though he was frequently in the restaurant—he was watching her more closely than usual tonight. In fact, she’d felt his intent stare on her the past couple of times he’d been in. Of course, she’d probably noticed it because she’d been watching him lately as well. It was like she couldn’t help it. Coop came in and for the rest of the night, half her attention was on her job, the other half on him.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?”

Coop took a deep breath as his gaze remained locked with hers. She was used to this expression. People used it with her all the time. She called it the “praying for patience” look.

“I’m sure.” His response was gruff. Coop didn’t mince words, which seemed like an outright anomaly to her. She didn’t understand how people could say so much with so few words.

Macie loved to talk, loved the sound of her own voice as she wove fantastical, far-fetched stories. Why say something in three words when she could use four thousand and eighty-seven?

Then she figured his invitation was extended merely out of boredom or loneliness. She wasn’t a threat because they were friends, and it simply wasn’t possible for her to be any less his type.

Even so…she felt compelled to warn him. He was about to open one big-ass can of worms.

“You realize pretty much every single woman in town is ready to cast her bra into the ring the second you give them the green light to go. Right now, they’re all giving you space and time to mourn. If you and me go out, it’s open season on Hank Cooper. Is that really what you want?”

“I don’t intend to date anyone but you.”

Her eyes narrowed as she looked around the room once more. “Is this a joke? Did my dad put you up to this?”

She started to call out to her father, to give him shit for joining forces with Coop to pull her leg, but Coop grabbed her hand and squeezed it before she could speak.

“It’s not a joke, Macie.”

His tone and expression finally managed to plow through her thick skull. He seriously wanted to date her. Once again, she didn’t know what to say. So she went ahead and spoke anyway.


“You off now?”

She nodded. Her sister, Adele, had come in a few minutes earlier and gone to the back to put her things away. Once she returned, Macie had the evening off. She was planning to go home and masturbate while watching the wedding episode of Outlander for the millionth time. Jamie Fraser melted her butter.

“Get your stuff,” he said as Adele stepped behind the bar.

Macie gave Adele a quick rundown of who was drinking what and then she grabbed her purse from the storage room. Coop was waiting for her by the front door of the restaurant.

She assumed he was planning to walk her to her car, though it was a completely unnecessary gesture in Maris. Crime here was rare and what little they did have was usually of a nonviolent nature, if you didn’t count the arsonist her cousin, Evan, tracked down and apprehended not quite a year ago.

So she was surprised when he placed his hand on her back and led her to his truck.

“Where are we going?” she asked when he opened the passenger door for her.

“I told you. I’m taking you out.”

“Now?” Despite her confusion, she let Coop help her up into the truck. It wasn’t like she had much choice in the matter. The guy was damn strong and pretty good at compelling her to do things almost unintentionally.

She’d first noticed that ability of his at a barn dance out at the Mills’ place a couple months ago. Her cousin’s band, Ty’s Collective, had been performing and she never missed a chance to catch one of their shows, as they happened too few and far between now that all the band members had “real” jobs.

She hadn’t planned to step out on the floor for the slow dance because she was hot and sweaty and her feet hurt from all the crazy Texas two-stepping she’d done. But Coop had reached out a hand to her and before she knew it, she was in his arms swaying to an old George Strait song, “I Cross My Heart”. And even during the dance, there had been no denying who was in control. He twisted and turned her with ease as they glided to the easy rhythm.

She hadn’t told anyone, but the dance had made her horny. Like seriously horny. So much so, she’d gone straight home afterward and fired up her vibrator. Three different times throughout the night.

Then he had done the same thing at her cousin Sydney’s wedding last month. Just dragged her out to the dance floor and once again, she’d relinquished all control to him. Put herself in his oh-so-capable hands and enjoyed the ride.

Once Coop climbed behind the steering wheel and fired up his old Chevy, she turned to face him.

“Listen, Coop—”

“Buckle up.”

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Cowboy Heat

cowboy-heat-3dIt’s time to bring the heat! Cowboy style! Now…for the first time ever…all three Cowboy Heat stories can be bought in a boxed set for one low price. Grab your copy of Spitfire, Rekindled, and Inflamed for just $3.99. That’s right! Three sexy western romances for just $3.99.

Each of these books has been previously published and released individually.

Cowboy Heat is available at all major retailers. Pick up your copy today!

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Rem Bradley has loved Liv Carter for far too long. After his father’s sudden death, Rem comes home for good—ready to reclaim his family’s ranch and his woman. Problem is, the spitfire he finds brawling in the roughest bar in town is not the girl he left behind.

Liv recognizes trouble when she sees it, but she’d be a fool to resist Rem’s seductive demands. Starting in the barn where they’d left off years ago, they use every available body part, plus a toy or two, to bring each other maximum pleasure.

To make up for past mistakes, however, Rem is going to have to do a hell of a lot more than just satisfy her body—but that’s a damn good start.


It’s been a year since her husband’s passing, and running the ranch is taking its toll on Claire Hutchins. Independent as the day is long, she concedes the need for help. She wants a foreman, an employee to run the day-to-day who can handle a woman calling the shots. Someone who won’t give her any trouble.

Who shows up at her door, first in line for the job? Jeb Carter. Ex-high-school sweetheart. Longtime rodeo star. And the one man capable of making Claire’s lust burn out of control…of making her surrender completely.

Trouble has finally come calling…and he’s as irresistible as ever.


Stuck in a rut in every way possible, Keri decides her first step in a bid for change is moving back to the Texas home she left years ago. The second step? Spicing up her sex life with the crazy-hot cowboys she left behind. Too responsible (and smart) to touch her way back when, Max and Shaw filled Keri’s hottest teen dreams. Now she’s older, wiser—and more than ready to make up for lost time.

Max and Shaw were always fond of Keri, but the stunning woman strutting back into their lives is a far cry from the serious, studious teen they remember. She wants to take a walk on the racy side—with both of them—and the cowboys are only too happy to oblige. As they suspected, the sex is explosive, though Max and Shaw aren’t sure Keri can really handle everything they have to give.

Nor do they know if she can handle the sexy secret they’ve yet to divulge.

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Please enjoy this excerpt from Rekindled…

“No. I told you, I need someone who’ll stick around, someone who understands how to run a ranch.”
“Claire, for chrissake, I grew up on a ranch. I may have rejected the lessons and the lifestyle for a while, but I’m not thick. I know how to run a ranch. And I meant what I said earlier, I’m staying. It’s time.”
She fought back the instinct to shiver at Jeb’s comments. She could read between the lines. “I’m not ready.”
“It’s been a year. I know you’re grieving your husband but dammit, I can’t risk you moving on without me. I made the mistake of giving up on us once. I won’t do it again.”
She closed her eyes, turned away. She couldn’t face him or the memories, the years spent wondering what if. “That was a long time ago. I’ve grown up, changed.”
“I’m banking on that.”
She faced him, eyes narrowed. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“When we dated in high school, you were too young, too innocent to handle what I wanted. I know that. You’re a woman now. My woman.”
“No, I’m not.”
“You’ve been mine since the day you gave me your virginity. I let you slip away once. I’ve been a patient man. Stayed away these last ten years while you lived your life with Hutchins. I didn’t make waves, didn’t interfere.”
“I’m supposed to believe you traveled with the rodeo not because you loved every minute of it, but because you were avoiding me? Bullshit.”
“I love the rodeo. And you’re right, I wasn’t suffering riding the circuit, but by God, I suffered every time I came home. Every time I saw you with Hutchins, every time I thought of him sharing your bed at night.”
“Stop.” She put her hand up, anxious to wave away his words. “You and I broke up. We were never right together. You’ve got to—”
Jeb took a step closer and this time she did move back. “We were right. It’s the timing that was wrong. That’s not a problem now.”
“I can’t give you what you want.”
He grinned, running the back of his hand along her cheek. “You’re the only woman who can give me what I want. It’s always been you, Claire.”
He bent forward, his intention to kiss her as clear as the Texas sky. “Please don’t,” she whispered when his lips were a hairsbreadth away from her.
He paused for a moment, but didn’t retreat. “I’ve missed you.”
She closed her eyes and gave in. She’d missed him too. Terribly. She closed the miniscule inch left between them and offered her lips. The moment his touched hers, she was transported to the first time he’d kissed her—the night of the homecoming football game. She’d been sixteen and she remembered how excited she’d been when Jeb asked her to be his date for the dance the following night. He’d kissed her beside the bonfire at the end of the game.
Her first kiss, and it was every bit as beautiful as the one he was giving her now and she felt all those old feelings rekindled. His lips lightly grazed hers, reawakening feelings she thought had died with her husband. Soon his kiss became hungrier, hotter. She reached up, gripping his neck, making her own demands as she pulled him closer. He rasped his tongue against her lips and she opened her mouth, welcoming him in. His grip on her waist tightened and she sucked in a breath as his hands began moving upward, not stopping until he cupped her breasts.
The kiss continued as Jeb tweaked her nipples through her T-shirt. She spread her legs and began rubbing herself against his thigh. Her body was on fire. It had been so damn long since she’d felt the slightest spark of desire. She’d have to change her panties at the end of this interlude. She was too wet, too needy.
One of his hands left her breast, rising to grasp her ponytail. She shuddered when he pulled her head back, directing her with slight tugs on her hair, nipping her neck.
“It’s still there. Still the same,” he whispered against her skin. It had always been this way between them. One kiss and it was as if the entire world had gone up in flames. She struggled to pull away.
“No,” she whispered. He hesitated and she could sense him taking stock, trying to decide if she really meant her refusal. She battened down her hatches and pushed against his chest. “No.” Her voice was stronger this time. “This isn’t the time or place.” She glanced out into the yard, relieved none of the ranch hands had walked by and caught her making out with Jeb Carter in the doorway.
She was just so damn tired. It had weakened her resistance. Next time he tried to kiss her, she would be prepared, stronger, better able to fight him off.
“You’ve got dark circles under your eyes.” He studied her face and she knew he wasn’t discouraged by her pushing him away. If anything, giving in to his kisses had likely fueled his intentions to claim her…by any means necessary.
She shrugged. “It’s been a long month. Hell, a long year.”
He grasped her cheeks in his large palms but made no move to draw her closer. “You’re gonna hire me.”
He was relentless. She chuckled, then conceded. She needed help. “Maybe.”
The grin he offered in reply was cocky, smug, and she knew she’d lost this round. Jeb would get his way. “My duffel bag is in the car. Make room for my stuff in your closet.”
She narrowed her eyes. “You’ll stay in the foreman’s cabin and my bedroom door will be locked—every night.”
“Maybe.” He walked back to his car and she wondered what the hell she’d just unleashed.

“B is for…” is #1 Bestseller in BDSM Erotica

“B is for…”, the second book in the BDSM Checklist series, is now a #1 Bestseller, and on sale for only .99 at most retailers! Thank you to everyone who already purchased, reviewed, and told their friends!
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Some Like It Hot releases today


Some Like It Hot, the three book bundle by Sami Lee, Lexxie Couper and Jess Dee, is now available.


This hot little box set features three previously-released short stories, all beautifully packaged together for the bargain price of 99c.


A Single Knight by Lexxie Couper

He gives the term gallant a whole new meaning…

Tagging along to a party outside her normal circles, Casey-Louise never expected to find herself being seduced by a British knight. Sir Addison Lancaster is way out of her league, but damn, he’s sexy. And flirting with her. Things get even hotter when Addison pulls her into his arms and positively scorching when he kisses her.

Rendezvous by Sami Lee

Six days at sea with her ex… Conditions are about to get rough.

Despite having unresolved feelings for her estranged husband, Cassie sends divorce papers in her desperation to move on. To her surprise the move shakes Reed out of his emotional hibernation and brings him to north Queensland, determined to win her back.

Visiting Paradise by Jess Dee

A luxury yacht, a gorgeous man and an idyllic setting. This could be the romance of a lifetime—or the end of her career.

Beth Brown needs a holiday. She’s burnt out, single and in love with her boss, Joe Bastion. Beth’s about to set sail to paradise, and she has no idea Joe’s at the helm.

Some Like It Hot is available now at:
AmazonBarnes &Noble

Happy reading.


Say Something

SaySomething72smToday marks the release of the final story, Say Something, in my Second Chances series. It’s been a long, wonderful journey as I sought to find happy endings for my beloved wine girls. This time around, it’s Georgie’s turn to find happiness.

Third mistake’s a charm.

Second Chances, Book 6

Georgie Russell has always been a full-steam-ahead, spur-of-the-moment, no-looking-back kind of girl. But as midnight on New Year’s Eve rolls around with her friends coming up with wine-induced, second-chance goals, all eyes turn to her.

They all know her “runaway bride” history. Three exes attest to her aversion to vows of any kind. Maybe it’s time she tried to make amends, especially to ex-fiancé number three. The one she literally left at the altar—Nick Hammel.

Nick has spent the better part of a year working overtime to get over Georgie. As a divorce attorney surrounded by broken marriages day in and day out, he figures she did him a favor.

But when they wind up at the same bar one night, he realizes he hasn’t moved on at all. All it takes is the feel of her arms around him, and his heart is ready to jump out of the lonely frying pan to get close to her fire…even if it means risking another serious burn.

Warning: Contains a free-spirited florist who knows a thing or two about sowing wild oats, and a jaded divorce lawyer who thinks it might be worth risking a few thorns to stop and smell her roses. Best accompanied by a glass of wine or (and) a couple of lemon drop shots.


The night passed in a pleasant haze of shots, hot college guys and dancing. Georgie was glad they’d come. She’d been feeling blue since New Year’s Eve. Tonight was helping her break out of those doldrums.

“You wanna dance?” Frank asked.

Georgie nodded, then grinned when all three guys at their table, plus Kevin, followed her to the floor. She was the cream filling in a frat-boy cookie and it was fun. Between the flashing lights, the sweet beat and the heat of the vodka, Georgie felt weightless, like a feather floating along the current of a gentle river.

Nothing could ruin this buzz.

Or so she thought.

She glanced over at the table to check on Kristen and Laura and spied Jason standing there with Nick. Her heart skipped a beat and she sucked in a deep breath to steady herself. He was staring directly at her and he looked totally pissed. Of course, that was his standard expression whenever she ran into him these days.

She considered her resolution. Though she’d originally planned to knock fiancés number one and two off her list before approaching Nick, she didn’t think she should look this gift horse in the mouth. Tonight was as good as any to start phase one of the second-chances goal in regards to Nick. After all, she was riding pretty high on vodka courage.

She excused herself from the group of guys surrounding her, ignoring their disappointed looks—as if she’d seriously hook up with boys who probably used fake IDs to get into the bar—and made a beeline for the table.

Georgie feigned annoyance. “What the hell? What are you two doing here? It’s GNO.”

Jason frowned. “GNO?”

Kristen and Nick responded in unison. “Girls’ Night Out.”

Georgie tried not to grin at Nick’s quick response explaining her acronym. Her abbreviations used to drive him nuts. He’d always look at her and say, “Why can’t you just say the damn words?” Which, of course, encouraged her to use even more text speak.

When Nick stepped closer, Georgie fought to calm her nerves. She’d only seen him a handful of times since she’d left him in the church and he’d been chilly at best.

“Looks more like the Babysitter Club out there,” he said with a slight jeer. She tried to read his tone. Was he putting her down—still angry—or was he jealous?

Georgie forced a laugh and tried to play it cool. “I was just warming them up for Kristen, seeing if any of them had future husband written on them. By the way,” Georgie said, looking at Kristen, “they all want kids. Sorry.”

Kristen had come here tonight in hopes of finding some potential husband candidates and Georgie had promised to help. Since she sure as hell wasn’t interested in finding a guy for herself, she’d spent her evening interviewing possible hook-ups for Kristen and Laura.

Mercifully, the waitress returned with another round of shots. While Georgie had consumed more than her fair share of vodka, it wasn’t nearly enough to still the butterflies in her stomach now that Nick was here. They’d been standing next to each other for all of five minutes, which was the current record in their new status of “broken engagement couple”.

Nick placed his hand over Georgie’s as she started to lift the glass. His hand was huge and covered hers completely. She prayed he couldn’t feel it shaking.

“Um, George,” Nick started, using his nickname for her. She melted a bit. She’d always pretended to hate it when he called her George, but in truth, she got wet every time he said it. Tonight was no exception. Dammit.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?”

Georgie glared at him. No small task considering how far she had to look up. She’d always thought they must have looked like an odd couple, Nick’s burly, six-three mountain casting a huge shadow over her five-two petite frame. Tonight wasn’t as awkward though. She’d bought herself a few inches with her kick-ass heels. Not that it made her feel any bigger next to Nick.

“Nope. Not yet.” Georgie shook off his hold. “Here’s to second chances and sexy college guys,” she said, hoping to gather more evidence that he might be more jealous than pissed off. Nick rewarded her sauciness with a growl.

Then he lifted his own shot glass and drank as well.

Georgie wasn’t sure why he was sticking around. She was used to him avoiding her like the plague. They’d had four run-ins since the wedding day. Once in the grocery store, once on the street outside Kristen’s townhouse, and twice in local bars. Each time, he said a very gruff hello, then turned and walked away before she could respond.

They’d never talked about her desertion at the wedding. Not once. She’d lost her mind, run away, and that was it. She had considered calling him at least a thousand times in the week immediately following, but she’d never found the courage to dial the number. Then, as more time passed, she realized he hadn’t called her either.

She reached across Nick to grab a pretzel from the bowl in the middle of the table, using the motion to lean closer. She took a quick sniff, her body reacting to the familiar smell of him—the masculine cologne she’d bought him for Christmas two years earlier bringing back a flood of good memories.

Of Nick standing in front of the mirror in the morning, slapping the scent on after a shave. Or the way he’d reach for her before leaving for work, picking her up in a giant bear hug. Or the night he’d come home after a few days out of town. She’d met him at the door where he’d scooped her up and tossed her over his shoulder like a sexy firefighter, carrying her to the bedroom where he’d done unspeakable, delicious things to her body.

A wave of heat suffused her, making her flush. And sway.

Damn. She really shouldn’t have had that last shot. Tipsy was giving way to drunk. Not a smart move given her plan.

Nick’s deep voice caught her attention. “Um, Jason.”

She looked up in time to see Nick gesturing to her. Great.

The first time she managed to score a little bit of time with Nick without him storming off in a huff and she’d ruined it by overindulging in vodka.

“GNO appears to be over,” Jason said.

Georgie wondered if it was physically possible to kick her own ass. That desire quickly passed when she realized the guys intended to drive them home. Wow. What the hell was going on? Of all her former fiancés, she’d anticipated Nick’s anger would be the hardest to break through. That he’d be the most resistant to her attempts to apologize and make amends.

“Come on, George,” he murmured.

She fought to restrain her grin when Nick wrapped his arm around her waist, intent of helping her to the car. She wasn’t that damn drunk, but she also wasn’t stupid enough to admit it either.

She looked up at him, her brows furrowed. “You’re being nice to me.”

He shrugged, though his scowl didn’t soften. “You caught me on a good night.”

“So you’ll hate me again tomorrow?”

Nick didn’t respond immediately, though she thought she heard him say something that sounded like, “I don’t hate you” as they approached the car. Unfortunately, someone driving by honked their horn so she couldn’t be sure he’d spoken at all.

Her glee over having Nick with her grew when Jason took the driver’s seat as Kristen claimed shotgun. Nick climbed in the backseat, pushing her to the middle wedged between him and Laura.

“How come I get the bitch seat?” she asked.

Nick rolled his eyes, but she didn’t think he was as annoyed as he was pretending. “Just buckle up, George.”

She purposely fumbled with the seatbelt until Nick grabbed it and snapped the buckle for her, his hands brushing her hip. She sucked in a breath and fought off the desire to straddle his lap and feel that gorgeous big cock of his pressed against her pussy. It had been so long since she’d been with a man.

A year, in fact. And the last man had been Nick.

Distraction. She needed a distraction. And fast.

So she turned to Laura to ask her about the guy she’d been talking to just before they left. Laura explained that she’d been friends with the man—Bryan—in high school, mercifully filling the time between the bar and home with some funny stories about her and Bryan, who sounded like a pretty cool guy.

When they arrived at the parking lot of their townhouses, Georgie expected the guys to say their goodbyes.

She was delighted when Nick reached in to help her out of the car. She’d always loved how big and strong he was. She didn’t give a shit if that made her sound girlie and helpless. She just liked how easily he was able to move her around. It made her hot and horny.

God…the vibrator was definitely coming out tonight.

Nick turned as if he was going to get back in the car. And he would have if she hadn’t almost face-planted on the sidewalk. Thank goodness he was still close enough to catch her.

Heels and vodka were definitely not a smart mix. She giggled as she continued to grip his forearms, his hands grasping her waist firmly.

“Oops,” she said. “Guess you were right. I really shouldn’t have had that last shot.”

Nick looked up to the sky quizzically.

“What are you looking for?” she asked, swaying with the effort.

“Lightning. Surely it’s about to strike. You just said I was right about something.”

She laughed, then tried to find her footing again, which was surprisingly difficult. “Why is this sidewalk so lumpy?”

Nick sighed. “Yeah. It’s the sidewalk’s fault you can’t walk.”

Georgie didn’t have time to reply when he bent down and picked her up. She reached out instinctively to wrap her hands around his neck.

“I’ll take her inside and get her to bed,” Nick said to Jason.

As soon as Nick said bed, Georgie’s tipsy mind raced to at least twenty different gutters. Oh man, she missed sex with this man. For such a straight and narrow guy, he was all kinds of kinky in the bedroom.

This night just kept getting better and better.

If only her head weren’t so damn fuzzy.








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