This weekend starts the Lori Foster conference in Cincinnati, OH.  None of the IH gals will be there this year, unfortunately.

A lot of us finally got to meet in person in 2009, so that conference has a lot of good memories for me.

Most of the conferences I go to now are business for me.  I can showcase my design company and even though it’s technically a business trip, I love seeing everyone.  Readers (I’m one of them!) and their enthusiastic reactions to their favorite authors.  I remember I almost started crying when I met Jill Shalvis last year at RT in Kansas City.  Holy moly!  I was one of *those* fans!  But I held it together.  LOL

Now that RT is over and Lori’s is starting, what other conferences do you go to?  Are you a writer?  Do you pitch a story or are you there just for the fun of it all?


So, what’s next for you all?  Inquiring minds want to know…  :)


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  • Elle Boon says:

    I’m on my way to Lori’s as I type lol. I’m going as a reader, but am pitching and taking swag since I’m also a new writer. I first started going to cons as a reader because I wanted to meet my favorite authors and other like minded readers. My first con was Lora Leigh RAW IN 2009 (I think) lol. I made my book pimp aka Suzy Griggs go with and met a group of fantastic women some of whom are part of the IH ladies (Valerie, Mari, Rhiann, Mr.C) to name a few. Every year we all find at least one con to go to and meet up to get together and have fun.
    Valerie has become one of my bestest friends and I can honestly say I’m so very thankful to have her in my life. Love you so hard. You and your Chuck <3

    Love ya,
    Michelle aka Elle

  • barb Jack says:

    I am going to KallypsoCon in October in Seattle , hosted by Kallypso Masters !!!. I am a reader who writes. I am strictly going as a fan to have a bunch of fangirl moments. not many opportunities in Canada so looking forward to it. I hope to be on the other side in the not so distant future.

  • Janet Rodman says:

    I am currently at Lori Foster’s and having a fun time. A lot less craziness than RT in NOLA. I am also attending RWA in San Antonio. I am a reader with the Book Obsessed Chicks .

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