Cover Debut!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all are having an amazing week. I’ve been having a great time, which means next week I’ll be limited to raw kale for every meal to make up for all the eating and drinking. To finish out this work week I have some pretties to show you.

Here is the new cover for “A is for…” This book was only available briefly before Amazon decided it was too spicy. It will be going back up for sale with a new cover and a different (less explicit) blurb.

A is for...

I took the opportunity to  expand the story a bit, so those of you who read it will have something new to read. “A is for…” is the first book in the BDSM checklist series. It’s BDSM erotica, and it’s smoking hot. The next book’s title is…

Wait for it…


“B is for…”

You’re shocked, I know. What a surprise.

B is for...

A and B will both be available February 24th and “A” will be on sale –.99 c–for the first few weeks.

*psst, I have a secret. Come closer. Okay, here’s the secret. If you’re a member of Lila’s newsletter you can get an advanced, free copy of “A.” There’s still time to sign up if you’re interested!*

Happy Friday everyone!


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