Happy Friday

Anyone have big plans for the weekend?  New movies?

I’d like to see Maleficent, but I’m not sure I want to fork over that much money for it.  I might just wait for it to come on Pay Per View and only have to pay $5.  Same with some of the other new releases.

I want to see the new Transformers when it comes out on the 27th, as well as 22 Jump Street and the Dragon 2 movies.

And then the final season of True Blood starts on the 22nd.  I love this show.  Very sorry it’s ending, since I won’t get to see this anymore:


Woe is me…



One Response to Happy Friday

  • Pansy Petal says:

    I hear you about the cost of movies. I am the same way with Maleficent. Dying to see it, but no money! *sigh* All those movies sound good. Me and Netflix get along really well. For the cost of one movie in the theater, I can watch movies every night, all month long. Fits my budget better. But, the big screen! I pretend real well.

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