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Welcome to the lovely and talented Elle Boon.  Her 2nd book is out and the 3rd will be out at the end of the summer.

Where are you from : Missouri, smack dab in the middle of Merica hehehehe :)

A little about your self i.e. your education Family life etc : I’m a retired stay at home mom with a wonderful husband and 2 kids, with a degree in accounting. I say retired because my youngest is 14 and my oldest is 20, so they don’t really need me to do the major things except to love and support them, which I do A LOT. I am a cancer survivor of 8 years now and when I beat the Big C I made a bucket list and have started marking things off, becoming a published author was on the list.

Tell us your latest news? My second book in my series Ravens of War, Two For Tamara released with Siren BookStrand on May 21, 2014, and I just subbed book three. Fingers, toes and everything in between crossed. :)

When and why did you begin writing? I’ve been beta-reading, and critique partnering for several authors for a few years. I really enjoyed doing that and have always had stories floating in my head. Even as a young girl I kept diaries and wrote stories, it was as I got older that life got in the way. It wasn’t until a couple author friends told me I should really start writing my own stories when helped her flesh out her stories. I will forever be grateful to them.
When did you first consider yourself a writer? I still don’t lol 😉
What inspired you to write your first book? My first book will probably never see a publisher, but my first published book is Selena’s Men. That story wouldn’t stop popping into my head at every moment of every day I would get little snippets until finally I started sketching out the storyline. Character names, and what they looked like, what the story was about. I had a whole prologue that was thirty pages that I still have, but was not in the book. However, I needed those details to flesh out the story. From there the story flowed, and was edited, and edited about a dozen times lol.
Do you have a specific writing style? I am what they call a pantster. Which means I start out by having my characters figured out. Who they are, what they look like, specifics as to them. I know who the heroes and heroine are and who the bad guys are from top to bottom. I know what the major conflict is. I know there will be a HEA. Then I sit down with all the facts and have a notebook beside me with all those details and write scene by scene, it’s a journey for me as I write. I make little notes as I go, like if my hero calls his heroine a certain name or has a certain catch phrase then I make a note of it so that I don’t let anyone else use that word or phrase.
How did you come up with the title? The title in my first book is the heroine’s name and since she’s got two men I used Men. Not too original J The same goes for book two and three. I planned it that way so they all flow or connect in some way. Does that make sense? Lol
Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? Honestly I hope my readers read my book and escape from reality. When I was going through chemo that’s what I looked for in books was an escape. I still do read for pleasure and a chance to get so engrossed in the world my favorite authors have built, that if I can do that, then I will feel like I have succeeded.
How much of the book is realistic? The emotions are real. The pleasure that the characters bring each other are definitely real. The personalities are bits of people in my life that I’ve incorporated in my story. The relationships between all the characters are real, from how a father loves his daughter, to how a man, or in this case men love and cherish their wife. These are all real life emotions that I have witnessed and experienced.
Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life? Ooops, I sort of answered this above, but yes I injected my own feelings and emotions in my characters. Obviously my stories are paranormal ménage, so they are very fantastical, but my characters have very strong emotions and love hard. My family in real life love hard, and I put many things that happened in my life in my stories, I just gave them a spin.
What books have most influenced your life most? I’d like to wax poetic and say something like Atlas Shrug, which I read. But I will say I read for pleasure and so my favorite authors range from Sherrilyn Kenyon, JR Ward, Kate Douglas, Shelly Laurenston, Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole, Laurann Dohner and Diana Palmer is one of my favorite too and soo many more.
If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor? I’d take any of the above!
What book are you reading now? I am reading Breaking The Ice by Jaci Burton, love this series (Sooo effing good).
Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest? Alicia Sparks and Cam Cassidy/Ruelle Channing.
What are your current projects? I just finished my third book in my Ravens Of War Series tentatively titled Jaklyn’s Saviors. It’s very different than the first two in the series, although it still has two Ravens who are hotter than all get out, Jaklyn’s story is very different.

Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members. I will have to say my group of girlfriends. I have a support group of girls who have been awesome.
Do you see writing as a career? I hope to one day make enough money to take my family on a vacation lol. But in all honesty of course I’d love to be considered a well-loved and “good” writer. I want to sell thousands of books and readers to be waiting patiently for my next one like I do for my favorite authors book
If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book? No! Or, at least not yet. Two For Tamara released on May 21, 2014 at Siren and hasn’t hit Amazon yet, so I am still waiting for the masses to buy it. The reviews have been awesome on both, Selena’s Men and Two For Tamara!
Do you recall how your interest in writing originated? I was a Lora Leigh’s RAW in 2009. I had met several authors and was in total fangirl awe after meeting Lora herself. We were sitting around the lobby chatting and discussing our lives. I had told them about me surviving cancer and that I was celebrating my 4 year anniversary of Cancer free there with them. Long story short I made friends with a couple authors, I started beta-reading and from there I began writing my own stories. Four years later and I am now a multi-published author and so excited to get up and write every day.

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  • Terri says:

    Great interview but I expected that out of such an awesome lady. I definitely am enjoying this series and look forward to more books.

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