Wild Card

Wild Card by Mari Carr

Wild Card is out now. The final chapters in the Boys of Fall series are here. Be sure to look for Cari Quinn’s Going Hard and Erin Nicholas’ Full Coverage – also available!

Boys of Fall, book 3

It’s been a tough year for Lorelie. Following her dad’s heart attack, she put her own life on hold, terrified of losing the most important person in her life. As her father’s health improves, Lorelie struggles to find her way back to life as normal. Her girlfriends insist the answer is simple. Get laid.

Enter Glen Rodgers, Wade’s former band mate. He met Lorelie briefly at a party she’d hosted for her dad and the woman made a lasting impression. When he returns several months later, intent on taking a break from his own screwed up life, it’s obvious Lorelie is just the cure for his blues.

Both determined to kick-start their stalled lives, they rev things up…in bed, the hayloft, the backseat of her car. Unfortunately, reality interferes, leaving them no choice but to show their hands, forcing them to decide if they should fold…

Or go for broke and play the wild card.


“How many of those former football players are in here?” he asked.

Lorelie scanned the room and he could see her doing a mental count. “I see five. The usual suspects.”

“The guy with Tucker and Jackson?”

Lorelie shook her head. “No. Nolan didn’t play on the team. He wrote for the school newspaper. Actually, he’s in town right now working on a book about my dad.”

“And what do you think they’d do if I kissed you right now?”

A seductive smile appeared. “I don’t have a clue, but the suspense is killing me. Should we give it a try?”

He wrapped his arm around her shoulders as she turned to face him. “Lori.”


“I don’t give a shit about those guys. I’m kissing you because I can’t stop myself.”

She reached up to touch his cheek. It was rough from a day’s worth of growth. He was suddenly sorry he hadn’t taken a second to shave again.

They both moved forward and met in the middle. He liked that. Liked that she wanted this as much as he did. His lips touched hers softly at first. She tasted sweet and smelled like sunshine. He didn’t have a clue what sunshine actually smelled like, but she was it. Fresh air and heat and a mountain lake—all rolled into one.

Her hand remained on his face, the touch as potent as the kiss. He tilted his head slightly, pressing her mouth open with his. Her tongue was there, stroking his, driving them out of the “sweet” range and straight into “sin city” in seconds. He tightened his grip on her shoulders with one arm while his other hand cupped her cheek. Her skin was as silky soft as her hair. The woman was the epitome of sensual perfection.

After a minute or two, Lorelie broke away.

He scowled.

“Gotta breathe,” she said, placing one, then two more quick kisses on his lips.

It took Glen a few minutes to catch his bearings, to recall he was in a crowded bar with loud music and laughter, surrounded by Lorelie’s friends. All those things had faded away when he’d kissed her, leaving only the two of them in a silent world where nothing else existed. He wanted to go back there.

“Lori,” Glen whispered. His head was spinning, everything except her face blurry, gray.

“I…” she started, licking her lips. “That…”

He nodded slowly. “Yeah.”

She blinked rapidly as if trying to regain her own focus. “I’m a little rusty.”

He chuckled. “God help me when you get your sea legs back then, because that kiss rocked my world.”

She smiled and flushed slightly at his compliment. “It’s been a long time since I’ve kissed a guy. I don’t remember it ever feeling so…overwhelming.”

“That’s a good word for it. You keep talking about your lack of dates and as always, I find it hard to believe there’s not a row of guys from here to the next state waiting to ask you out. No matter how deep the defensive line of football players around you.”

He meant his words as a joke, but Lorelie sobered. “Sort of lost track of myself after my dad’s heart attack. It’s taking me a little time to bounce back.”

Glen recalled his first impression of Lorelie back in October. “Caged bird,” he murmured.

She frowned. “What?”

“First time we met, I thought you looked like a caged bird.”

Lorelie considered his description. “That’s not too far from the truth. Let’s just say my dancing shoes are dusty from lack of use. I was there the night my dad had his heart attack. To say it scared me shitless is an understatement. For months, I never strayed far from home because I was afraid it would happen again and I wouldn’t be there to save him.”

“Where’s your mom?” It was a personal question, but the more he learned about Lorelie, the more he wanted to know.

“Died when I was born. Dad raised me on his own. He’s all I have.”

His chest tightened as he thought about the stress Lorelie had been under since last June. Wade had called him shortly after finding out about Coach’s heart attack. Told him he was going back home. At the time, Glen thought Wade was a fool for leaving Nashville and he’d banked on his friend coming back. Even though they hadn’t toured together for a couple years prior to that, the two of them had found plenty of opportunities to meet for drinks at the bar and talk shop. Then Wade reconnected with Charlene in Quinn and stayed gone. Glen had missed him.

“He’s doing better though, right?” Glen asked, recalling the conversation about Coach’s doctor’s appointment.

“Oh yeah. He’s on the mend. Has been for a while.”

“But you’re still worried.”

She nodded. “That’s not going to go away. Ever. I know that. I just need to find a way to deal with it.”

“Sounds to me like you need to let go. Have some fun.”

Lorelie gave him the sexiest grin he’d ever had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of. “My friends suggested I get laid. But your idea sounds okay too.”

He cleared a throat that had suddenly gone tight. “I think you should listen to your friends. They know you better than I do.”

Lorelie laughed loudly. “Wanna help me shake off some of this rust?”

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Sea Dragon is Here!

Two DragonsA blind dragon who just wants to be left alone…

Sir Hrardorr was once the mightiest of fighters. Now he’s blind, his knight is dead, and he can’t even go into proper mourning because he needs help just to get around. Part sea dragon, he decides to go to the Southern Lair to rusticate by the coast. He can fly out over the open water and dive into the sea, where he still has at least some ability to hunt on his own. He doesn’t expect to meet a human woman out on the water, fishing in her small sailboat, but he does, and unexpectedly, they become friends.

A young man who gave up the sword to help the Lair’s healer…

Seth grew up in the Lair and has long had a crush on the most beautiful girl in the town, Livia. But she is the famous sea captain’s daughter, and far, far above him. It’d be one thing if he was a knight or at least a candidate to be one, but Seth gave up all dreams of knighthood when he chose to apprentice himself to the Lair’s elderly healer—the closest thing to a grandmother he’d ever had. His gentle heart has changed the course of his entire life and he’s not sure it’s for the better, but he sees no other option.

A newly made knight who doesn’t know how to be one…

Sir Gowan is a warrior. He was a teacher of fighting when he caught the dragoness’s eye and she chose him as her new knight. Genlitha is a stubborn female and though Gowan tried to refuse, he found he could not turn down the magnificent dragoness, even though he knows nothing about being a knight. They have come to the Southern Lair so Genlitha can teach young fliers how to best navigate the tricky winds off the ocean, and to gain time for Gowan to learn how to be her proper partner.

Three humans. Two dragons. Attraction that cannot be denied…

Both Seth and Gowan are drawn to the lovely Livia, and Genlitha finds the attraction she had for Hrardorr when they were still both dragonets has only grown stronger over the years, but there are obstacles. Hrardorr has sworn to never choose another knight. Seth has sworn to be a healer, even though it’s not his true calling. Gowan is just trying to figure out how to survive in this new world of knights and dragons.

And then they are attacked from the sea by a mighty fleet with dragon-killing weapons, and the town and Lair find themselves totally unprepared to fight. It will be up to the five of them to save the town…if they can. It seems impossible, but they have to at least try.

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Release Day Times Two!!

Erin Nicholas’s Sapphire Falls Kindle World is now live! Rhian and Mari are two of the world’s launch authors.


When it comes to love the tough guys always go down the hardest.

He was sent to bring her home safe. But from the minute Sophie falls into Stone’s arms he knows she’s not the only thing in danger. He’s a hardened warrior trained to kill with his bare hands and one too sweet too young pop singer is bringing him to his knees.

If he can’t keep her safe and neutralize the threat he stands to lose more than his client. He’ll lose his heart.


Stone lowered his face beside Sophie’s and spoke into her ear. “You left the room without me.”

To Karen, his words would sound innocent, but Sophie heard the underlying accusation. “I only came down to get a drink.” Which was true. She’d had no intention of leaving the house, and wouldn’t have stayed in the kitchen if Karen hadn’t been there and started talking to her. She didn’t want to be rude.

Lowering his voice further, so only she could hear, he whispered, “Don’t do it again or I’ll tie you to the bed.”

A shudder worked its way down her spine, leaving heat and tingles behind. “Oh.”

“You like that idea?” His lips brushed the shell of her ear. “Jesus, Soph, don’t tempt me,” he growled.


“Let’s go.” Stone spun her out of his arms and around to face him.


“The auction.”

“We’re going out?”

“Safer than staying in, at this point.” He grabbed her hand and wove their fingers together. “We’ll see you there, Karen.”

Sophie barely had time to glance over her shoulder at a smiling Karen because Stone tugged her behind him so fast, she had to jog or fall on her face.

“We’re really going out?” Sophie asked as he towed her through the front door.

“Yep.” He marched them to his car. “Get in.”

She obeyed but only because she was desperate to get out of their room and find a distraction from the attractive man she shared it with. After a near sleepless night, today had been an exercise in torture. He’d insisted on showing her some self-defense moves, which meant he put his hands on her. Big, strong, capable hands. Hands she’d fantasized about touching her in completely inappropriate ways, considering they’d just met.

Stone wasted no time getting them moving once she’d climbed into the passenger seat. He ran around to the driver’s side and had the SUV started and reversing out of its spot before either of them had locked their seat belts.

“Where’s the fire,” she asked.

“In my fucking pants,” he growled.

Oh my. What could she say to that?

“I’ve got rules.”

“Rules?” she squeaked.

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Big Easy, book 7

Zac Lewis has just finished medical school and is about to embark on his five-year residency to become an orthopedic surgeon. Before it starts, he decides to take some time off to relax and “ramble about.” He borrows an old RV from a friend and heads west with no definite direction. He decides to let the highway take him where it will. Fate puts him in Sapphire Falls during festival week.

Tacy Bradford is a former member of the Women’s National Soccer team. She’s got her gold medal…and a wrecked knee. Forced to quit playing too soon, she’s left to figure out “what now?” When her old babysitter, Lauren invites her to the festival, she decides a relaxing trip to Sapphire Falls might be just the ticket. However, the easy pace she was looking for evaporates once she lays eyes on Zac.

One minute Tacy and Zac are playfully arguing over who gets the last caramel apple, the next they’re doing the naked mambo in his RV and the river. Neither one of them has a clue where they’re headed, but they know they’re going too fast. And they don’t care.


The music began—an old Elvis tune—and Zac grasped Tacy’s hand.

“Hang on a second.” She pulled away to place her apple on the table where Lauren was sitting with a little girl on her lap, and then she returned.

The moment her hands landed on his shoulders, Zac realized that even if he danced every single dance with her tonight, it still wouldn’t be enough. He pulled her closer thinking that—odd as it seemed—he felt the same way as Elvis, as if he couldn’t help falling in love with this woman.

Tacy didn’t appear unaffected either. A fact she confirmed when she spoke. “Is it weird that I feel like I know you?”

He shook his head. “No. I feel the same way. Maybe we knew each other in a previous life.”

He’d meant his words as a joke, but Tacy didn’t laugh. Instead, she seemed to consider the supposition. “I like that idea. Makes it sound like we’re soul mates and we’ve managed to cross generations, worlds, lifetimes to find each other.”

“Are you looking for a soul mate, darlin’?”

“Isn’t everyone?”

Until that moment, Zac hadn’t been. It wasn’t that he wasn’t interested in romance, love, sex, marriage and kids. Eventually. All of those things were certainly on his list, under the heading Someday.

He’d been so focused, so intent on becoming a doctor, everything else had taken a backseat. Zac had dated. And he’d indulged in more than a few sexual affairs. He was only human, after all, and a man had needs. But he’d kept serious emotion out of it. Because there hadn’t been time.

“You went quiet.” Tacy was looking at him, still waiting for an answer. “Didn’t mean to freak you out or anything.”

He was freaked out. Not by her question, but by what it revealed. This trip had opened his eyes to how many places, how many adventures and opportunities he’d let pass him by as he kept his eyes on just one prize. Now he was forced to add love to the list. Until holding Tacy, he hadn’t realized how much he’d wanted someone to share his life with.

Zac placed his cheek against the top of her head as they continued to dance. “We must have been soul mates in another life because now that you’re here, I realize how much I’ve missed you.”

Get your copy here – http://amzn.to/1TkKK9W

There’s a bunch more great authors in the launch group. Check them all out –


Rhian Cahill – Going Down Hard – http://amzn.to/208koMy

Mari Carr – Going Too Fast – http://amzn.to/1TkKK9W

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Melanie Shawn – Going To Find Temptation – http://amzn.to/1OAEgBY

Kate Davies – Going For Broke – http://amzn.to/208juQf

Marilyn Brant –Going For It – http://amzn.to/208j3FD

Meg Benjamin – Going Up In Flames – http://amzn.to/1su0Irv

Lizbeth Selvig – Going Out On A Limb – http://amzn.to/1su0Ebq

Jessie Evans – Going Rate For Mr. Right – http://amzn.to/1su13un

Suzanne Rock – Going All The Way – http://amzn.to/1U0kIIB

Molly McLain – Going All In – http://amzn.to/1OAEg4S

Kylie Gilmore – Going For A Ride – http://amzn.to/1Xmzu1K


Long Time, No Post

I haven’t posted here in a while. Not sure why. Probably just overwhelmed, trying to keep all those plates spinning in the air like a circus performer. lol. A lot has been going on here! Lots of new books and more coming up soon. I’ve had a number of reissues, including the first three Resonance Mates novels and the first three Brotherhood of Blood novellas (which are still in process), but here’s the info on some of my new titles…

Grizzly Covethe seriesby Bianca D'Arc

I’ve had a whole new series begin! The first three books of Grizzly Cove are novellas, followed by a novel called Alpha Bear, and then we go back to shorter stories for a bit with Saving Grace and the forthcoming Bearliest Catch, which releases in July.


There will be a few more bear stories before we get back to other parts of my shifter world. The bears are, in fact, leading us back around to the main conflict that came to a head in the last Redstone Clan book, Matt. By the way, the first three Grizzly Cove stories are also now available in audiobook format.


I guess that’s enough for now, except to mention that I’m getting back in the dragons in a big way this year. The first new Dragon Knights book in more than a year comes out this coming Tuesday, May 24th! It’s called Sea Dragon and it’s the first novel in a trilogy revolving around the same 5 characters. If you’re a dragon fan, make sure to reserve your copy now!


“B is for…” is #1 Bestseller in BDSM Erotica

“B is for…”, the second book in the BDSM Checklist series, is now a #1 Bestseller, and on sale for only .99 at most retailers! Thank you to everyone who already purchased, reviewed, and told their friends!
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Barnes and Noble http://bit.ly/BBandN
Kobo http://bit.ly/BKobo
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Smashwords http://bit.ly/BSmashwords


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